This is why Litecoin (LTC) has no future



I enjoyed your video, @Superlucy !! Great event !!
I won’t forget the phrase “all the evil plans” by Charlie Lee !!
I feel more and more about to buy me some LTC :yellow_heart:


@Glenn_CostaRicaJapan love your response, I think I will invest some in lite coin again and now is a good time to. Its all about diversification. I say have both.


Yes :orange_heart: @waqhon !! Let’s do it !! CryptoPsychology tells me LTC is just beginning !! I see so much intensity of emotions in people in reference to LTC. I do not listen to words. Words tend to mislead sometime. Like when your ex-girlfriend tells you she hates you with all her heart. In some cases, this means “I miss you”… I feel this tremendous “I MISS YOU” effect all over when I see people talking about LTC, even though many people are saying very negative things !! Man, I am very limited financially now. I have to look after my Dad who is 82 and have many obligations. But, I have made my mind !! I will start Dollar-cost averaging on Litecoin !! I will start this week !! :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:


I just read that someone purchased over a billion dollars worth of Litecoin. Something like 15% of the total possible supply. If that’s the case then how is the price not through the roof? Surely you can’t buy that amount OTC. There’s got to be some upward momentum from an insane purchase like that. Something doesn’t add up.


i tried to give a friend 100 bucks in Litecoin to get another person talking about it and learning about it, he didn’t want to bother to download loaf wallet, he saw zero practical reason why he would ever need litecoin


@Cozy These cases are understandable for me. I mean the cases of people who cannot see value or meaning in one certain Cryptocurrency. Perception and emotions are not the product of logic or formal reasoning. It’s a shame, though. I have never had Litecoin. But seeing how powerful the Bond (attachment) is and how intense feelings are, in reference to LTC, for me, is a great indicator !! Recently I’ve even found a lot of LTC dumpers (the ones who accompanied Charlie Lee when he sold out) that are re-buying !! This is how attachment works in Crypto. Crypto is not like your old car. You sold it. You never see it again. Nop !! There can be second and third chapters !! I believe Charlie Lee might be aware of this :muscle::muscle::orange_heart: And maybe —even unconsciously— he is relying on this effect in order to develop Litecoin during the periods in between :thinking: BTW, my plan is to get on board this weekend :orange_heart:


If both are meant to be used as currencies and the majority of folk believe btc to be a store of value, who would want to spend it on the regular? But individuals would spend ltc. Tryna think outside the box.