This looks amazing. Full Node/Lightening/pay server (if you want)



Did a search before posting this and got nothing.
This is not a casa node or raspberry phi. This seems to be it badass darker edger older brother. I just saw a shameless promotion that sounded good, so I checked it out.
Seems good at 1st glance. I will be saving some cash for a plug and play node
The long promo for it. Skip to 6:15ish minute mark for why this is awesome.

This is it
Screenshot some info and specs from the site.

Also not sure where to post this, hoping the moderators can help out. @peter and @john

Tell me what you think.

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Yes, very neat for tinkering. Expensive, requires a subscription to get on mainnet, and their “not just a raspberrypi” hardware is…


Adding 500GB SSD disk to a board with mobile cpu seems like an overkill


Is the price $399?
Seems very expensive.


I was comparing this to a casa node and a rhasberry phi. They both seem under powered, and take long periods of time to sync.
I am also techno-retarded. I saw faster and more powerful, as a good thing. How is this bad?
What I don’t like is the subscription cost. I like one time up front cost. Speaking of overall cost, I don’t mind the extra cost for fast, quite, ease of use, and autonomy as a fast full lightening node. I would be willing to keep an eye on this.
With all that said, is this just a gloried phi with an expensive subscription?


I only took a quick look at their site but I assumed it was either physical hardware or their cloud service.

Sync does take forever if you do it yourself but some providers send out hardware that almost ready to go.


It doesn’t come pre-synced according to the video, the makers were against that. It syncs from 0 in 24 hours. That impressed me.
I was tempted to send them an email, but I am nowhere near ready to buy.

Edit: I still may email them about having a full btc node/lightning node, and phone app. I am not interested in the pay server.
I wonder what the cost and subscription would come too?


I emailed and second batch will be available next week> I am ordering mine next week.


SSD will make synching way faster believe me.

taken from above link

“The Rock64 board is directly connected to the SSD within a sleek metal box, eliminating the cable loop necessary with Raspberry Pi based units to connect an external HDD to the main board.”


I cannot find info about subscription to get on main-net? where did you find it?


It is on the home site, upper right hand corner. The nodle cloud link. They have different plans and subscriptions cost.


I see, well casa node doesnt even offer btcpay server service.
but you dont have to subscribe its optional


True, I need to email them.
Seems like a good plug and play solution to me. I am not interested in the pay server option, so I am wondering if I need a subscription either.
I am also curious, if the company goes under and doesn’t support the nodle any more. Will the node still function? I am fairly certain the answer is yes, but still want to check.
Let us know your experience with it, the nodle seems like a good idea.


if you dont want to use btc pay server do not install it on the device simple as that.

look at the interface nothing come preinstalled


I am 20 minutes into the video now. Exciting to watch.
As someone that is into bitcoin, I feel like running a full node and affecting consensus what we are supposed to do. If everyone who care about it does that, it makes BTC better and more secure.
Seriously let me know how you feel about it after it is synced.


found anohter video about BTC pay server


Seems worth investigating for sure.