This One's For The Little Doges....21 $Shhhhmoney Making Moves to Get Started On YEN



Continuing the discussion from 21 Ideas To Get Started On YEN - - Let's Get This MONEY ya'll lol!:


  1. CPR and other lifesaving techniques

  2. Swimming & diving

  3. How to play an instrument, read music, since, dance,paint, act, speak in public

  4. Self defense, karate, yoga, tai kwon do, capoeira

  5. Crypto 101 - Basics of Transacting P2P, storing it safely, using it as payment for goods/services

  6. Reading, writing, math, science

  7. How to cook or make a recipe

  8. How to plant a garden, or grow food


  1. Babysit, care for sick, elderly, new parents

  2. Wash cars, pressure wash driveways, clean the gutters, mow the lawn,

  3. Design Merchandise, like these cool yoga mats by Michael Garfield or these 3D Shirts…

  4. Custom 3D items - like Ghost Gunner by Defense Distributed or ( for the snowflakes lol :snowflake: ) this handy silverware strainer

  5. Become an affiliate partner for cool projects like those listed above :point_up: crypto conferences and events like Anarchapulco 2019! ( Save 10% on your tickets using the code: bosslady ) :rofl: :rocket:

  6. Learn to Code and build blockchain applications

  7. Learn to Build Crypto Mining Rigs, run secure nodes, master nodes

  8. Learn to stake coins, arbitrage, receive air drops, faucets, bounties

  9. Create a podcast

  10. Create art from recycled items - upcycle

  11. Latte Art - this is a thing I swear lol - SPONSOR ON DECK FOR ANYONE WHO HAS THIS SKILL! :100: :coffee:

  1. Create 3D galleries and online stores or businesses…like retailers selling clothes, shoes, jewelry or other accessories…real estate agents, sporting facilities, event spaces, conference rooms, hotels, airbnbs, car dealerships ( 360 view of inside the car like Peter’s streams )

  2. Join my Cohort of GenZ’s social media experts, market movers and community influencers…servicing all businesses and projects that consider their audience to be anyone under 25 years old. :bitrocket: