Thoughts on Kucoin Shares (KCS)


I was wondering what thoughts or opinions you guys have developed over the Kucoin exchange and their Kucoin Shares? I heard that they removed the referral bonus for future users, but I have not seen anything official about that. I saw in their white paper that the percentage of holding Kucoin Shares at 50% dividends may change in the future. That sounds understandable as the volume increases. People have been citing that it will go from 50% bonus to 15% bonus in April. Again, I have not seen anything official from them. I want to know what you guys have seen or can point me in the right direction amongst this sea of literal poopy information.


I have only recently gained knowledge of Kucoin and its shares Kucoin bonus. I too am curious what the pub and the Saddingtons think about this exchange. Should we convert larger percentages of our portfolios into Kucoin shares? With the promise of small amounts of every other coin just about every single day doesn’t that diversify your portfolio to the max? I just want to know what people in here think??


Months later and I think, I’m the only person hodling a good portion of these lol. They updated their bonus program if someone comes into this thread is wondering. Of course, I will always have 50% or more of my portfolio in BTC. Be safe in this bear market guys. Still pretty brutal out here…