Thoughts VeChain Dollar Cost Average

Any thoughts on VeChain? I am thinking of dollar cost averaging it along with ICON.


I was looking at DCA VeChain as well as NAS. Finishing up the spreadsheets on both and will post early next week for discussion. Both seem like decent HODLs at first glance…


Also like VeChain, counterfeit business is huge and this is the perfect technology to fix this problem in Asia at least.

I believe they are going to rebrand soon to VET Something about the Vechain Thor network.


I have been eyeballing VeChain bigtime! I see a lot of promise with this one.
The Jim Breyer pump, PBoC rumours, partnering with big Tobacco… Could be a winner?


Why is this Patreon-Only? Is @peter thinking of DCA-ing Vechain? LOL…


I think because he wants to keep it between a smaller group. I’m not looking at it right now… but you guys can run an experiment!


I may try to DCA into this for science. Watched a very decent recovery today from the bloodbath and its inspired some confidence. Truthfully though, I’m a sucker for staking out free loot and I want that Thor power! This is kind of nifty:
At Current prices it looks as though the low tier node @ 10k with a +10k modifier rolls about 15K bonus… Not too shabby


I will be buying the dips for this.


It’s a v v compelling coin that I would have liked to have got in earlier (obviously)… However, as it is a top 20, I am looking a bit lower down the table for my top 7/8 HODL / DCA 2018 experiment for more X. They seem to be announcing great partnerships and there’s real businesses looking to adopt (if they haven’t already) so definitely a strong coin. Good luck if you do decide to do it!


Speaking in the third person, not creepy at all :rofl:


How is Vechain different from waltonchain WTC?
I want to think that WTC has the upper hand because they plan to produce their hardware instead of outsourcing. If my understanding is correct.



WABI is similar to VEN, what do you guys think of WABI?


I think what people are missing is that it isn’t always the best service provider or the best tech that wins market share (not that Vechain doesn’t have both). Connections are enormous in business. So far, Vechain’s ability to rack up partnerships makes it the clear favorite, in my opinion, to the extent there is any direct competition.

Yes, I am aware Walton also has partnerships and is also building a smart city. Yes, I believe Walton is also a really good project. This isn’t FUD. My assertion is just that the partnerships are not on the same level as Vechain’s.

VeChain (VEN) already has the following partnerships across the telecom, luxury goods, shipping, agriculture, and automotive verticals:

  1. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). One of the biggest consultancy and auditing firms in the world. Per wiki, “PwC is a network of firms in 157 countries, 743 locations, with 223,468 people” and did 37.7 billion USD in revenue in fiscal year 2017.

  2. Kuehne & Nagel. The world’s largest freight company accounting for 10% of the “world’s air and sea freight business,” which employs 63,000 individuals across 100 countries with a yearly revenue of almost $21 billion. (

  3. DNV GL. Newest partnership, announced on Tuesday. DNV GL is an international accredited registrar and classification company headquartered in Norway. The company has about 13,550 employees and 350 offices in over 100 countries. They provide services for several industries including maritime, renewable energy, oil & gas, electrification, food & beverage and healthcare. (

  4. China Unicom, a Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator. They are the the world’s third largest telecommunications company by subscription base. (

  5. Groupe Renault, the automobile manufacturer, which has 127,086 employees and did 51.24 Billion EUROS in revenue in 2016. ( - VeChain worked with Microsoft and VISEO on this)

  6. D.I.G. (Shanghai Waigaoqiao Direct Imported Goods sales centre Ltd.), a subsidiary of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Development Co., Ltd., which aspires to build the largest distribution centre for imported goods in China. As it stands, 30% of all Wine imported into China comes through DIG, the largest government owned importer of wine in China

  7. Madeforgoods (


And Givenchy Paris/BMW were as good as confirmed in the last AMA…

Walton and Wabi may have some partnerships, but they aren’t on this scale. DNV GL and PwC are going to introduce Vechain to many of their hundreds of thousands of enterprise clients. This already happened with DNV GL - they set Vechain up with a convenience store franchise that has 24,000 locations.


There’s only one survivor of this year’s cryptocurrency slaughter: VeChain

"Early bitcoin investor Tim Draper has backed the company, VeChain announced in a tweet.

Draper, who has also invested in Skype and Tesla, bought roughly 30,000 bitcoins in 2014, which he told CNBC in December he is still holding. At Wednesday’s prices, those are worth roughly $237 million.

The founding partner of leading venture capital firms Draper Associates and DFJ told CNBC in March this “is the most excited I’ve ever been as an investor, and I was right there at the beginning of the internet.”


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