Time for a Consti-DOGE-ional Convention



Peter, John,

It would be great to hear your, “as of now” thoughts on the DOGE.

You’ve been a great DogeLord, really…but, in the current climate, and from now to #MoonTimes, what is your analysis of DOGE?

Where do you put your optimism-level (1-10), long term? Doge to 3USD one day?



Good question. I would like to hear response also. However Peter always says Doge Coin is for tips to give away to grow crypto economy and technically we shouldn’t make money on Doge.

Have a great day :sunny:


I have heard, and do believe that. I think though, a, genuine look at Doge as not, necessarily, a “Moon-Coin”, but also, as its own asset would be good. One could get…a little…carried away with purchasing DOGE without a little…“perspective” :wink:.

So, a good, exploration of its real strengths, would be good to be better able to “draw a line” for oneself, as to how much capital one dedicates to DOGE, so the, “tipper”, and the “investor” can each love and support DOGE, while still knowing where they stand, #iyfm


Doge pumped , presumably, on “Dogethereum” news. It is more durable and sustained pump, #imho, than previous #dogepumps.

Does anyone else think that doge is, “maturing”, a bit and, “solidifying” support ~75-80 Sats?


Come on!! i need them bucks boyyy


The way Doge is moving, you may, very well, get those bucks! :smile:

This really does seem like, to me at least, a “sea change” in the strength and duration of Doge pumps :hmmm:. This is a very robust move. Who says you can’t teach an old doge new tricks? :wink:

Also, makes me wish I’d gone all in on Doge @ 20 Sats, lol!


This DOGE action!!
Bringin the LULZ since 2013


So, so true. Rarely has so much joy been brought to so many. Praise The OverDoge…


Mehhh…I’m, just saying though, I would love to get…anyone…to, “buy into/corroborate”, my “#doge support, @ ~75-80 Sats” prognostication…

Don’t be shy, shower me with (admittedly, undeserved) praise! :joy::wink: