Time for Yen to pivot

Just read the blog @peter and I can only speak for myself but huge respect to you and the transparency that you are able to bring to us. I totally get it and I wish you huge success with the next version of Yen :+1:t2:


So…are they done with crypto?


Thank you. Was not my decision. I have thus, needed to begin again!


Thx for everything you have taught us for free Peter. I’ve have learned a lot about the crypto space and how fast it changes. I enjoyed your decentralized video’s it kept me informed and curious about the future of crypto. Thx to you, your brother @john and everyone else for teaching and learning crypto and investing in crypto and teaching us a variety of other stuff that’s not crypto related. I will watch your other videos, I think they’re pretty cool. Good luck to you and your family and I hope you guys one day come back to crypto. I’ll come on the pub every now and then.

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