Timeboxing App for Android

Just ran across this app. I have not tested it out, so if anyone has used it, please give your review below. It looks pretty cool.

Simplifying the todolist:

Planned - stuff to do now/today. Unplanned - brain bump, worry about it later stuff. Routines - stuff you repeat a lot/want to plan ahead for/interval training and since you can load them into any other list they can be used over and over again as building blocks for easily managing lots of variations of your day - not to mention that they can be scheduled to be loaded into your planned list automatically. Helpful for those with ADD/ADHD and need help staying focused.

Focusing on time:

Be time rich. See how much time things actually take to do. See what time you’ll be done with each task. Move tasks around while the timer is going without worrying about losing progress. Control the timer like a music playlist - play, pause, stop, put it on auto-repeat so tasks completed will be re-added to the bottom, put on continuous mode so the timer will automatically move through tasks as their time’s up and you don’t have to intervene. Enter full-screen mode for less distraction and to reinforce the idea of focusing on one task at a time. Optional countdown alerts, status bar notifications, and a widget all give you awareness and control of your time.

Stay Organized and In Sync:

Google Task Syncing is available to make it easy to connect not just with Google Tasks but other services such as Todoist that focus more on organization (more direct integration is planned). See this Zapier recipe a user of Do Now created: https://zapier.com/zapbook/todoist/google-tasks/38205/todoist-new-incomplete-task-to-google-tasks-new-task/.

Make time look good: Multiple themes to choose from and more coming! Widget theme matching app theme is being rolled out.

No ads!: The only ads are optional - you can opt-in to get rewards for completing tasks that are usually discounts/deal types. In-app purchases available include unlocking extra features and themes.

Recommended usage is to follow a technique like Pomodoro or 30/30 as well as GTD. Break up your day into chunks of time and assign some amount of time to each task you want to get done otherwise known as time boxing. There’s no need to be rigid - you can vary the duration for each task and the app will keep track of the time and tell you when it’s time to move on.

Turning on continuous and repeat mode as well as the countdown option make it a powerful interval timing for your workouts or structured work tasks.


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