Tips for Newbie


Very new in cryptocurrency and would like to put some money as investments and hopefully get some profit. I’ve already been doing stock markets, but curious on digital currency. Looking forward to get some good cash. I’ve been reading, but of course, it’s hard to understand something very alien. If you guys have some tips to share for a newbie, it would be appreciated.


Hello Ryan! Welcome to the pub :beers: here you’ll find many resources. I’m not a moderator or anything, just came across your post and here’s few tips,

You can start by checking out the 10 Days of Bitcoin guide:

You’d also be really interested in the B90X program which was created by Peter a while back and it helped tons of people entering the space, it’s a 90 days free program, check it out:

Here’s another guide posted by John earlier this year,

And here’s a dedicated thread for all your inquires

Since you’re already into trading and looking forward “some good cash” I’d also recommend this thread Mike Fishy and Automation System Programming (Bots)


@cryptohaze Got you pointed in the right direction with the basics, ask away on anything you’re not sure about. Welcome!


Hey, if you’ve being stock markets you should be pretty much at home in the crypto markets once you get used to the extra volatility and liquidity issues. If you’re a trader check out this list of good exchanges for a starter for ten - top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading.