To leave it in (the xchange) or not to leave it in - thats the question


Many have advised for the long term HODLer, rebalancing is good for the long run and for healthy profits (with the help of Bot). However, that would mean all the the coins had to be placed into an exchange for the bot to auto rebalance. That also means exposure. As such, to leave it in the exhange for rebalancing OR, stop rebalancing and move everything back to cold-storage wallet? Advise or opinion anyone?


Depends on how much. Over $10k? Move off. Less than $10k. I’m ok with keeping it for liquidity and speed of movement in and out of the market.


So if the entirety sum is say 10K and above, you’d prefer to not leave it floating in a reputable exchange, even for reasons of healthy rebalance but instead, you would suggest hodle it nicely in cold storage without the benefit of rebalancing?


This is the time to accumulate.


yes - indeed it is…:+1:


-How secure is your account?
-How likely is it that your exchange of choice will make it’s users shoulder the burden of a hack?
-As @peter said below, keep a stack for liquidity, but don’t leave your hodl life savings stack on exchange, convenience cuts both ways.