Today in Congress Rep. Sherman called for a bill to ban all cryptocurrencies. This is the single best ad for Bitcoin that I have ever seen. Wow. This guy knows how to make us look good


I love how he acknowledges so many great things about cryptocurrencies!


More crypto villians are coming.


If something like this were to pass it would be a massive indicator to the American people that this country does not care about them at all. It would show without a doubt that the government only cares about increasing its power and influence. This shitty politician actually said it point blank. He thinks that maintaining the US as the dominant monetary force is far more important than technological and economic progress.

I would hope that a bill like this would wake people up and cause a revolt. They would see that the US government cares no more about it’s people than China.

The countries that are banning crypto are the ones that treat their citizens the worst. China, India, etc…


He is a Jewish Democrat. Jews maintain hegemony over the middle east only with the support of America.

Brad knows that if Iran and other Muslim countries can use Bitcoin, then he will have less power to punish his political and ethnic enemies.

We need Bitcoin more than ever, for peace, Americans are sick of sending kids to die in the middle east to die and have their legs blown off.


It was jarring to hear him straight up say that we should ban cryptocurrency because we need to maintain the integrity of the USD. Jarring on multiple levels lol. These politicians are doing no favors for my growing skepticism of government.


Why is this jarring to you? Basically every country has out right said this at one time or another with regards to their own FIAT.

BTC isn’t going to change the wars in the middle east RealMoonMan. Those wars were going on long before the US ever became a country. As long as they have oil the US will be involved it doesn’t matter what the primary currency is.


I don’t expect anything less from a California liberal. A shift to totalitarianism has been going on for a long time but now they just come out and say it out loud. Previously it was done surreptitiously.
The upshot is that people who were asleep are being woken up to the fact that we are living in dangerous times and crypto is one of our tools to regain our personal freedoms and liberties.


that’s actually more of an old antiwar talking point than a current year reality


The US doesn’t care about its citizens that is clear to anybody with an ounce of common sense. Just look at some health related policies:
Fluoride (a scientifically proven neuro-toxin) in drinking water.
GMO foods laden with extremely harmful chemicals like glyphosate (round-up).
Misleading information on the health effects of EMF and RF (including 5G).
Protections in Europe are much better in that GMO/glyphosate and fluoride are not legal and regulation and awareness of emf/rf related health issues is much better.


No government cares about its people. They (the government) only care about staying in power.


That is why a smaller less powerful government is always preferable. The more power people give to their government the more likely that power will be abused.
In light of the recent Binance hack, some people are screaming for government regulation and legislation. I understand we don’t want to be victimized by hackers and fraudsters. However, asking for governments to step in and solve security issues for us is a slippery slope.


I was just disagreeing with you on your original post as you make it sound as if their are actual governments that care about their people. I much prefer our government in the US over the ones in Europe which you seem to imply were better. All countries have their advantages and disadvantages and which one is better will always be completely subjective towards ones likes and dislikes.


I think you have gone off the deep end into conspiracy theories that have no scientific evidence. Do you have any scientific background?
#1 Fluoride is administered at incredibly safe amounts. It’s great for your teeth. An OD can definitely kill you but that’s only happening if a dentist accidentally gives you a ton and you actually ingest it instead rinsing your mouth.

#2 Being a Genetically Modified Organism has nothing to do with glyphosate. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in round up and other weed killers.

#3 EMF from your phone, WIFI, etc… is NON-Ionizing radiation. This means that it passes through your cells without doing damage to the DNA or other parts. Ionizing radiation is what causes damage. It’s like comparing visible light which is also radiation to gamma rays which will straight up kill you. You better not use WIFI or a cell phone… derp derp.

If you don’t like magnetic fields well, the Earth has a giant one. It protects us from ionizing radiation. Good luck escaping that one.


Dude, you are totally brainwashed and clueless. GMO has nothing to do with glyphosate? Ever heard of round-up ready crops? Soy and corn has been genetically modified exactly in order to withstand application of glyphosate.
As far as fluoride is concerned, there is absolutely no benefit to ingesting fluoride. Have you ever pondered why there is a warning on toothpaste against ingesting it.

This study shows a lowering of IQ due to ingestion of fluoride.
EMF not dangerous to health? Check out the research done by Dr. Martin Pall. And check out the Bioinitiative report
Next time before calling people conspiracy theorists and unscientific, maybe you should try doing some research first.


I just read through some of the information you posted. At most it and I quote from the IQ study you are mentioning above “The results support the possibility”. Nearly every study I have looked at says the same thing that it is possible but not definitive. Most of these tests are on extremely small groups and nearly all state that further research is needed to determine one or the other.

So calling someone brainwashed because they disagree with you calling something a fact that is not proven is a bit ridiculous. It would lead me to believe that you might be the one brainwashed or you are reading into these studies with a major bias. With that major bias you are missing words that do not agree with you much like a speed reader skips words in order to get a general feel.

With regards to the EMF argument. The Earth is emitting a non-stop EMF field that effects us daily in minor amounts and protects us. Now I didn’t read every summary of the reports from the bioinitiative but the first 4-5 all give the same basic statement. Its unknown meaning it is not factual.

“Our results provide the first evidence, suggesting that the EMF emitted by a commercial mobile phone affects rCBF in humans”

“So, revision of standard guidelines for public exposure to RER from mobile phone base station antennas and using of NBTB for regular assessment and early detection of biological effects among inhabitants around the stations are recommended.” I agree with this as it is a known fact that exposure to more powerful EMF will quite literally fry you.

" The exposure of adult rats to EMR may cause disturbances in monoamine neurotransmitters and this may underlie many of the adverse effects reported after EMR including memory, learning, and stress."

“These behaviours may have been learned through frequent use of a mobile phone.”

There is a common theme here and that is it “MAY” cause these types of things it is not a known fact yet. None of these studies prove anything other than these may be harmful. In reality there are too many variables to consider here in a short time. For example IQ is not a good controlled variable to determine effects. Our IQ consistently changes over time depending on what activities we do. For example it has been shown that an individuals IQ goes down when their minds are inactive for long periods of time such as being laid off and going through a depressed state where you just sit and watch TV. It doesn’t stay there permanently but during that period it does lower. It also didn’t state whether or not it took into account how many times the subjects were exposed to the IQ test this is also something that has been shown to affect the outcome. The more you take IQ tests the higher you score as you are learning to answer the questions. This is along the lines of memorizing answers for a test. You may learn the specific answers but on the overall topic you could be ignorant as can be. I do not particularly care for trivia games because they in my opinion encourage this thought process.

So while there may be evidence supporting that there may be effects for either of these topics it is by no means a fact that they cause these conditions you are stating as factual. In the cases where there were signs the person would need to be further studied as they may have an adverse effect to either of the above situations. For example stress effects everyone differently. I have a tendency to bottle it up and then a week or two later my arms break out and it looks like I have shingles. Over the last decade I have learned to manage this through stress relieving activitys. It took me 5 years just to tie things together on what was causing it. Our bodies are different and those in a small area will typically have similar strengths and weaknesses. The Fluoride studies were mainly from rural china which is a small sub group of another sub group. So that study at most can say that if you live in rural China this may be something that effects you. It cannot be extrapolated even to the metropolitan areas of China as those areas were not part of the tests.

So before you go off spouting stuff is scientifically proven read the material you are posting and think critically about it. All I am saying here is that what you posted a definitive proof is not even remotely definitive.


did a quick search and found this, thought it was fairly interesting:

Jarred because I suppose I associated calls to ban cryptocurrencies with countries like China and India. I haven’t really kept track with what other countries have had to say about it. after seeing stuff like the facebook hearing and the way the US govt has approached any threat to their power, yeah you’re right, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

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You sir have been indoctrinated by psuedo-science garbage and anecdotal evidence. This is what happens when scientifically illiterate people read random articles and can’t discern between real science and psuedo-science.

The biggest result of such nonsense is the recent anti-vax movement. Tons of scientifically illiterate moms watching youtube videos and reading absurd articles and then thinking they actually know better than people in the medical field or with a scientific background.

This should be common sense but reading articles on the internet does not give you a PhD, nor does it make you a medical professional or even informed if the articles are not factual.

The most useful thing that a scientific background teaches you is how to discern bewteen scientifically accurate research and psuedoscience garbage that is based only on anecdotal evidence or severely skewed research performed with a small sample size.

Being genetically modified to be resistant to glyphosate does not mean that glyphosate is actually being sprayed. Now that it has been proven that glyphosate is a carcinogen it has been banned from edible crops. So, no, the government just banned it and Monsanto is looking at a $1 Trillion law suit. This doesn’t seem like the government is allowing them to just continue using it…

Look for real scientific evidence based on large studies with large sample sizes. If evidence is anecdotal it is 100% worthless, you need more than a sample size of one to come to a conclusion. Most importantly of all: CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION. An actual cause and effect relationship that is reproducable is needed to make a scientific conclusion. NOT a testament of these 20 people had this happen to them so this thing must cause it…

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