Token-swap ICX ( currently ERC20 on MEW )


Quick question : my ICX tokens are still on MEW ( MyEtherWallet ) in the form of ERC20 tokens. What do I need to do for the token swap ( and transfer these to ICX wallet ).

Thx in advance :rocket:

  1. ICONex wallet - transfer to ICONex wallet and then do swap when they are ready

  2. Exchange (Binance) - Transfer tokens to Binance (they are the only exchange that has confirmed that they are doing a swap so far) and wait for swap


After the swap is made and done. Any news on ledger supporting ICX mainnet token? Where will be the best place to store this value long term?


Is the confirmed deadline September 25th ?



anyone had simmilar issues when trasnfering from MEW to ICX wallet?

The ERC-20 Token Transfer might have Failed

Whenever there is an ERC20 token transfer might have fail error the amount/token the sender sent does not leave the sender address but “Gas Fee” is being deducted.

The main reason are on the contract & token failure nature. Below are the most common reasons an ERC-20 token transfer might have failed are:

  1. The Token contract is locked or paused (tokens are not transferable yet)
  • The variables include: minting, mintingFinished, paused, transferable, transferableStartTime, paused, locked
  1. The sending From address has an insufficient token balance
  • Please ensure that the sending address has enough balance of the transfering token before sending token to another address
  1. Token contract does not emit a Transfer event even though the balance is actually deducted (Not compatible fully ERC-20 Compliant)
  • The token contract of a specific token does not provide a valid transfer events log thus causing the transaction to fail.
  • This issue is due to the compliance policy toward ERC20 tokens.

For additional assistance, please contact the sender/transaction creator directly for more information.

  • i actually don’t know what to do - with my MEW ICX tokens…
    where should I transfer them to swap- thanks for your help!


anyone knows how to “open wallet from MEW inside Iconex Ethereum wallet, then you are able to access your tokens” … someone just advised me;)

would having Ledger Nano S make things easier?



I haven’t done my swap yet so I have no clue, my best guess would be not enough ETH gas…




You do not open a MEW wallet inside Iconex.

You need to build a new ERC20 wallet in Iconex and then transfer your ICX, as well as 0.03 ETH for Gas fees from your MEW into the ERC20 Iconex wallet

Once you have successfully transferred your ICX from your MEW wallet to the Iconex ERC20 wallet. you will then need to follow the instructions above to Swap the ICX from ERC20 token to ICX mainnet tokens.

It takes 1-2 days for the ICX to be swapped and appear in your ICX mainnet wallet.


Yeah, it failed for me as well.
I got an error message that I ran out of gas.
21000 was recommended by default, I used 49000, still failed…

I’m wondering how much gas should I specify for the transaction, so it won’t fail? Any experience highly appreciated


Anyone know if the deadline on the 25th is to: have submitted your ERC 20 tokens to be swaped? or have the token swap completed and have received your mainnet tokens? Ive been procrastinating on doing this lol.


better stick to the second one bro … too much too loose…
good luck !


@Jenasai - I had exactly the same problem…

I tried after few days of keeping couple of dollars of Etherium on MEW
and then for a try I made an attempt to transfer 2 ICX - it worked… this time for me…

maybe try to change GWEI parameter on the scroll - upper right corner

remember to Swap in ICONEX you also need some Etherium…
good luck ! hope you gonna make it let me know :smiley:



thank you for this news :slight_smile: !


I’m the biggest procrastinator.

Anyways. Which accounts do I transfer too? Icx or icon? Lol


When you initiate the swap, the process will create an icon wallet for you. It will mirror the eth wallet

From ledger, send them to that icx address that’s within the icon eth wallet. You will need some eth scraps to send erc20s to icon eth wallet. Then, a little more eth inside that icon wallet to perform the swap


Doesn’t answer question? Do I
Send it to


When I hit swap it says “ you have 0 icx tokens” so do I send my tokens to icx address lol


Send the erc20s to the one with swap option (however, it shouldn’t really matter as it is 1 eth address)


So I gotta go buy some ether. Send it to ledger and some to iconex then I can do this bullshit lol god damn crypto always so difficult haha