Tokyo, Japan Cryptonation!


Anyone in Tokyo? Let me know lets grab a beer and talk crypto! Some bars even accept Bitcoin! (although i’d rather get rid of my fiat and hodl)



Not in Tokyo, a bit further in Nagano, but I do go down there sometimes. Would love to talk crypto at some point :smiley:


Oh cool! PM me if you wanna grab a beer in Shinjuku or something! How is Crypto developing over there in Nagano? Here in Tokyo even Bic Camera is accepting BTC now. Japan wont get left behind from the crypto revolution!


What do the Japanese think about that Doge?
Is it offered there on the exchange?



Good question, being a US citizen living in Japan could make tax implications complicated so I stick to US exchanges. Plus on sign up to a japanese exchange it specifically makes you confirm you are not a US citizen. So if I had any problem with the exchange I may not get any help if I lie about that. But Bitcoin is starting to get recognition. Still a lot of people dont know about it yet though. I need to start a meetup here or something to spread the word.


Welcome to the Pub, Japanese Cryptonation! Glad your here , enjoy your pub crawl!
Crypto pirate Hondo :skull_and_crossbones:


Welcome! More pub opportunities!


Sorry Bro. I’ve had no chance to go anywhere near Tokyo since Septemer :confused: So busy :frowning: One day though! :smiley:


Hi guys, I’m Claudio from Italy, founder of Boulé a voting platform based on the blockchain.

I’m coming to Tokyo tomorrow for a few days and I’d like to meet people involved in blockchain to have a talk and meet each other, would you grab a coffee there?


How does feel like being a crypto enthusiast in Japan? It’s heaven, isn’t it?


Hey Gaijins,

Not in Tokyo, but next door neighbour in Saitama. I used to live in Nagano before coming to Saitama.
I’ve been lurking since a few months ago, yet I still don’t fully understand how this cypto, blockchain, etc work, but I’ve finaly stepped out of my shell and bought my first bitcoin last week.


Hello Japanese traders,

My company is looking for a competent English-Japanese translator to handle white paper translations for partnered ICOs. We’ll pay handsomely. Contact me for information. Thank you!


Wasa wasa wasa wassup.
I’m a digital nomad who spends half of the year in SE Asia and half in Tokyo.
In Tokyo now until the end of June.


Hey Japannnnnn! Anyone interested in going to Beyond Blocks Summit in Tokyo 4th-5th?
I may have a spare ticket that I could give away for cheap. Right now they are sold for 800USD each :slight_smile:


I’m going, but I got hooked up with a ticket already.
I’m looking forward to learning more about Wanchain and Bitflyer.


Oh Awesome. Would be cool to say hi and talk over some coffee!