Tone Vays TA - what are the numbers he puts next to the candles?


On Tone Vays’ TA charts, he puts numbers from 1-9 next to the candles. Does anyone know what these represent?


Check his website where he explains it extensively.

Side note, Tone is calling for BTC to drop to $5k or so over the next 3-4 days before it resumes it’s accent to $10k. I;m in full agreement, as we need to rebuild confidence in the market and let things settle before we can justify the current price.


I’m guessing he’s trying to point out that he sees a pattern in the periods. Goes down for 4 weeks, then up for 9. And the last time he saw that behavior, it went down.

Pretty much all charts are useless when viewed without any context. And this chart is likely viewed together with a long explanation.


I find Tone Vays to be entertaining in his TA. He’s not always right, but what I find fascinating is that for such a bitcoin enthusiast, he actually promotes bitcoin trading.

For me, I don’t trade bitcoin. Not for the risk of exiting and then having it go up beyond exit point. But than again, I come from a different world view.


Blimey, website from 1996!

Can’t find any explanation as to what the numbers mean. Yeah, he has a long page on candles, but nothing that I can see about the numbers.


It’s linked further down the page under “Time Analysis”. Here’s a direct link to a PDF he references:

And then the history behind it:


Thanks @Nathan_DuMoulin. Top man :smiley:


Yeh he comes from a Wall Street trader perspective. Been watching him for a while and I know he pulls money in and out of the S&P during different periods of time with his Retirement fund not sure if he does this with BTC or not.


the indicator is a variant of this i believe

just as above


That sounds exactly what his is based on. It should also be stated that this is also a Bloomberg strategy.


De-Mark indicators are pretty big in the finance world. People place too much importance on it all imo.


They are Tom DeMark time indicators, you can use them on trading view. Coinigy doesn’t have them yet and I don’t think they have the thingie to add your own code either.


here is all the stuff from tone vays’ website about the TD indicator, the links didn’t copy with the text so click the link to his site if you want to click on his resources he links:

  1. Time Analysis – This concept is very important and most traders do not even know it exists. It is slightly covered on ChartSchool with Cycles and Fibonacci Time Zones, but there is so much more that needs to be learned for those looking to become good traders. Martin Armstrong for example, cares way more about time in his trading than price and as the readers of this guide know, I’m a huge fan of trading the Tom DeMark Indicators. I have seen the TD Indicator be used on Wall Street very successfully and the biggest reason most traders (especially Crypto Traders) have not heard of it is because it is limited to the $2,000/month Bloomberg Terminal with a $500/month trader package. Here are additional resources for readers to better understand this indicator:
    TD Sequential by Trade Trekker
    TD Sequential Math Rules
    TD Practical Technics
    And Many other resources that could found on-line once you know what you are looking for. One of my favorites is this presentation by Bloomberg Market Essentials: Technical Analysis. (You can download the TD Indicators Book by Jason Perl by clicking the link on page 1)
    Tone Trading Tip: TD is an advance indicator for experienced traders, and it is not a one size fits all. 5 different traders can be trading it differently because it provides lots of information. Most of my time consulting clients is spent explaining this indicator.


Oh GOD !!! you know what? its a 9!!!


By going for shiny alts I nearly halved my equivalent value in bitcoin over the long term. It’s deceptive until you look back and do the math. If I wasn’t greedy I actually wouldn’t be in the red now. Nonetheless I am trying to recoup and I also believe bitcoin is about to dump lower before the next rally. If I miss the sell price I’ll profit by less but compared to the risk of losing everything I’m willing to do it. At least I know where to put 95% of my portfolio next time :-/