Top 6 Masternodes for EPIC Gains! - No Vechain?

Can’t wait to find out why Peter invested all that money to experiment with Vechain. Wonder what that could mean?


this is news to me also. I do smell a hint or whiff… of a potential yen master node… Called it first!

  1. very active github base ( no corrupted governance or superblocks 2) its already survived every clone that was forked after AXE’s original creation on december 11 2017 3) friendly community with the goal to educate 4) team with outstanding commitment 5) upcoming mobile presence 6) deterministic masternodes (1.1.6)
    I find this one !! Please anybody if could help me with their github activity :slight_smile:
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I see that ANON was just born today, they’ll have masternodes, only 500 ANON can get MN (that is going to be probably few hundred bucks, only), so i cant imagine it’ll be too profitable. Anyone have opinion on this one?

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@HappyBallz I posed this question to both brothers directly at the Atlanta meetup…

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