Top ALTs to buy during capitulation


I’m curious what everyone’s favorite projects are to be stocking up on at these prices (or if we enter a capitulation phase where BTC drops below $2500).

We’ve had a few of these discussions where everyone just lists random tokens, but I’m specifically looking for projects that meet the following criteria:

  1. The team has confirmed sufficient runway to continue development for at least one year
  2. The project has a viable use case that is likely to survive a bear market
  3. Please explain WHY the project appeals to you

I’ll start:

  1. Cardano
  • IOHK is well funded
  • Incredibly transparent (weekly AMA and roadmap)
  • Is led by Hoskinson (my favorite person in Crypto)
  • Shelly (the Computation layer for Smart Contracts) is finally in testing and will be deployed shortly
  • ADA is down 97% from ATH (plenty of upside potential)
  • Will probably be added to Coinbase before the end of the month
  1. Elastos
  • 18 years of development, beta nearly ready
  • Well funded
  • Over 600,000 devices containing the carrier have shipped
  • Very transparent
  • Strong IoT usecase
  • Massive community
  • Rong Cheng and Jimmy Lipham are the dream team
  • New exchanges coming soon
  • Price is currently down 97% from ATH due to the recent early token unlock
  1. VeChain
  • Recent FUD has tanked the price, currently down 95% from ATH, so plenty of upside
  • Strong partnerships
  • Real world use case
  • Current leader in supply chain management
  • Mainstream exposure

Altcoins for 2019

I’m waiting for slightly lower prices. I have enough ADA. I’ll get a bit more ELA, ETC, ICX. I might even get a bag of XRP for the first time. They’re up to something.


BNB would seem a good buy once the market reverses.


Im also invested in Cardano & Elastos.


thought you didn’t like DPoS? :grinning:

anyways i like these coins:

  • raised $4billion in ICO.
  • Massive names such as Mike novagratz and Daniel Larimer behind.
  • Only working scalable dapp platform currently out.
  • Rated #1 dapp platform by the Chinese government



  • Actually deliver on their roadmap.
  • Working on ZEXE and BOLT payment channels
  • Trusted setup becomes less of a problem every hardfork
  • JP Morgan currently using ZEC technology


Nice choices, wait I’ll be back I have to take a ripple and wipe my btrash…:flushed:


Where’s ICX lol thought that would be at the top of your list :stuck_out_tongue: ??


There are many flavors of dPoS. Can’t say I love any of them, but ADA brings a hybrid of PoS and dPoS model that is a lot more appealing than most. Anyway, not interested in pursuing that debate again.

Given that this is the pub, anyone still accumulating at this point will have already considered ICX.


talking about elastos


Elastos is a hybrid dPoS/AuxPoW. The dPoS portion is only used to verify blocks and doesn’t have the ability to manipulate the system.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. :slight_smile:


too many projects to keep up with i guess… thanks for the info tho


100% agreed. That’s sort of the idea for this discussion. Hoping that someone can open me up to a solid project that I’ve overlooked. I’ve actually started looking at NANO, but am on the fence.


TAU is still very active. Very low marketcap, $0.02 a coin down from $1.30 ATH, interoperability, white label business blockchain provisioning, weekly blog and development updates.

Just annoying to buy because it’s on very few exchanges.


One no one has mentioned that I’m looking at is Ark, they have funding for 5-10 years and have been really working hard during this bear market. They just released V2 this last week with a lot of great updates this DPoS coin seems to have a lot going for it 1Q they should release push button blockchains to create you own coin that interacts with ark using smartbridging.

I have gotten a few Ark during this bear market but I think I’m ready to jump in a little more serious. Bigger risk low marketcap but I really do think this coin will survive the bear market.


I always liked Ark. I love how they have support for so many programming languages, have a clear roadmap with progress indicators, etc. I always felt like Ark should be higher up on the rankings, and yet they continue to slip further down. I’ve also considered reinvesting (I did when I first got into the space), yet their lack of partnerships at this point is alarming. Has there been any updates in that department?


This is a tough one for me. A lot of truth about the true state of each project is coming out during this bear market. ETC is one good example where a lot of positive was happening, yet the main development outfit driving the project just folded due to financial crisis within the company.

So, for me, I’m more inclined to dump into Bitcoin when it has finally hit it’s rock bottom and clearly turned to begin climbing again. The number one reasoning there is, when Bitcoin goes on a bull run, it pretty much leaves all the rest in the dust.

Whether that story repeats itself with the next bull-run, remains to be seen, but definitely, the projects I’ve seen listed here so far are essentially the crème de la crème and likely some of the first I’ll diversify into.

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, I see ALTs as shorter term holds with goal to boost Bitcoin holdings as their trend cycles diverge with Bitcoin’s trend cycles.


Chainlink for me. Leaders in decentralized oracles. People underestimate the need for decentralized oracles to input data, events and paynents from the real world onto the blockchain. Seems like projects are starting to see this hence why they’ve gained so many new partnerships the last couple of weeks including Web3 (Polkadot from Gavin Wood the cofounder of Ethereum). Also they are closely working with the likes of Swift.


I will be stocking up on ICX and NEO.


I looked into this, and it is indeed a strong use case. Looks very promising, and as you mentioned, people underestimate it. That’s a bit of a double edged sword, as it implies that it may be undervalued, while it may also imply that it’s just not the type of project that a lot of people will get excited about (including myself).

That fact that it’s only down 75% from ATH is interesting as well. Like XLM, some may argue that it shows strength and sustainability. Although I admire that, the counter argument is that it leaves far less potential upside than a lot of other strong players that are down 95-98%.

Anyway, great project, and a great addition to the list. Thanks!


This one caught my interest, so I did some research.

Only 6% of the token supply went to the public (4.75% to accredited pre-sale investors, and 1.25% airdropped to ‘select’ supporters), and the rest goes to the VCs and team (that’s an insane 94%, with the team itself holding literally more than half the token supply at 53.5%).

On top of this, this is a closed-source project, holds a $2bil valuation based on the last round of funding, seed investors are already up 205x and will dump HARD, and they’ve already chosen the block producers before the mainnet is even running. The DFinity subreddit has an actual rule where any posts that discuss the token distribution model will be instantly deleted. This project may in fact be the most centralized in all of crypto.

I know we disagree fairly often on our picks, but I still wish you the best man. This one however is outright scary, so please be careful!!! :heart: