Top ALTs to buy during capitulation


Omg, bat and icx for me.


This alt is not on the market yet (2019 Q1), but I still like to mention it and gather your opinions:

Anyone here heard of Radix DLT? They have been in development even before Ethereum. Since 2011 to be precised. Radix is not a blockchain or a DAG yet its trustless and decentralised and supports smart contracts. They are saying that the max tps blockchains can ever have without sacrificing decentralisation or security is 700 tps, which obviously isn’t enough for adoption. Also a DAG (like IOTA) can’t run smart contracts (no time stamps) nor can’t prevent double spending without a centralized authority. That’s why Radix has invented a new consensus architecture called Tempo. It uses “time”, generated by network activity, to create a provable order of related events. This asynchronous, trustless consensus system does not require large amounts of computing power (Proof of Work) or large amounts of capital (Proof of Stake) to secure it. Combined with a huge, overlapping shard space, the scalability of Radix is only constrained by the number of Nodes operating the network. The more nodes there will be, the more the network will scale. There’s no ICO they already had an early investors round in Q1 2014. So investors have been holding for 5 years now already. The platform is planning to go live with a fully functioning DEX in Q1 2019. This is the explorer for their testnet:


Coins such as NEM, XRP and XLM (infact any coin with an ICO technically) launched in a similar way and it didn’t affect their gains. The fact that they raised so much from credible organisations and the fact that their tech is so interesting still makes it a good investment. I’m positive they wouldn’t do anything to destroy their network anyways.

I’ll be buying in when their mainnet is released and their tech is proven anyways.

@Tung_Thnh Yeah, I’ve been waiting for it to launch for a while.


Cardano, Elastos I agree
VeChain - I am still not sure, why the supply chain needs its own coin, but its maybe only my bad interpretation and understanding.
I will add Zilliqa (sharding, mainnet launch in 1Q 2019) and Skycoin.


Well I am new here. Honestly I am not interested in any of the projects mentioned here so far. Not sure how the crowd is around here. So I am not going to shill any projects I think are good. My main involvement in the crypto space is not to make money. :slight_smile:
I am here to find the value added projects and take long positions. What I am Not into is penny flipping. What I like to do is play the Bitmex game, and satisfy my thrust for knowledge.
Best Regards
Sir Newton


IMO EOS seems to be on its way down hill. Daniel Larimer is seeking other ventures. His heart is no longer in the project obviously.

Lots of hacks, cloned nodes and etc… have occurred. The price went up when people were having their coins stolen by cloned nodes. Basically the price was pumping when the worst was happening. Doesn’t seem legit to me.


Dan Larimer is working on EOS and doesn’t plan on leaving. This is not to mention that the network itself is already pretty much fully built. Not to mention the billions of USD raised. Don’t know how that seems down hill

As for the hack, can you provide the link?


When the main man decides that he wants to work on other projects do you think he’s still going to be putting 100% of his efforts into EOS? I don’t think so. The NEW project is going to be his baby. He can stay on the board and still do nothing pretty easily.

Raising capital doesn’t make a project good. EOS had the longest ICO funding of all time and collected far more money than they needed. Larimer himself even admitted that they were still collecting funds when they already had enough to create EOS. Seems pretty strange to grab more cash than you need.

Centralized, riddled with hacks, cash grab, founder focusing on other projects. Doesn’t seem good to me. As I said, it’s just my opinion. If you love EOS then that’s your deal. Just be sure to not get blinded by emotional attachment and ignore legitimate bad signs.


these are all dog shit investments, we will be lucky if bitcoin is ever accepted, let alone all these absurd ill run science projects

disclaimer, I own about 50k of these types of coins in todays market value… IE things not BTC


How do you guys think about Tron?


Is @peter still DCAing OmiseGo?
The project seems dead.


was that one that he was DCAing? Thought he just went BIGLY into it last year.


That’s sort of the point of some of these. They’re not all currencies or financial platforms. Some of them are in completely different sectors or industries, and could go on to reach mass adoption even if digital money does not.


@7UP is a good dude, but has a very odd selection process.

I mean, I just told him DFinity is centralized, closed-source, censored, and over valued, all of which are serious red flags. But he somehow sees them as features.

I don’t get it (at all), but that’s the beauty of being individuals. We can all choose differently, for our own reasons. I may not respect his picks, but I certainly respect that he chooses independently (contrary to the typical herd mentality).

That being said, Dan Larimer has definitely left EOS. He’s simply covering his bases by pretending to stay on the project and multitask (which as we all know, is not feasible).


Buying more BNB, TRX, MANA … No ICX for me.
See you guys at the moon. :sunglasses:


How does OMG seem dead to you? I see updates quite often. They’re still working on plasma. Granted they have not achieved hardly anything on their road map. I believe that just means they had no idea how difficult it is to program this stuff.

They are definitely still hard at work. The price is pretty wrecked. This may be a good time to purchase OMG although I traded my OMG for ICX when the OMG/ICX ratio was pretty favorable.


Tron is a 100% hype coin. Its price is the product of speculating noobs. It is the ultimate noob coin. The founder is incredibly misleading in all his posts. He insinuates incredible collaborations and then clarifies that they are no where near what he had suggested they are. This is common practice for Tron. It’s just shill central at all times.

TRX is the one coin that I see brainless gym rats and good looking models shilling. I just can’t take this project seriously when looking at all the shillers and spammers for it as well as the incredibly misleading posts that Justin Sun makes.

If Tron becomes a real thing I will be incredibly surprised. Great coin for momentum riding though. Traders love it I’m sure.



My sentiments too. No one knows what will survive, what will see increased value through adoption. We won’t have much of an indication for a few years. I think the point of this thread was more of a bear market checkpoint, a discussion to reflect and question what projects still have funds/active teams etc… so that we can make better decisions and diversify if need be or simply spread awareness of other projects that are not in the forefront of the market right now that also meet the criteria of survive and potential to thrive. I don’t know what the greatest project is that’s flying under the radar right now but I am certain there will be several low cap projects that are going to :rocket: through the ranks once this market bottoms.


Yep, I read this a couple days ago which is why I said they have accomplished almost nothing on their roadmap. Although they are still working and producing progress. Although it is at a much slower pace than their roadmap suggested.

Dead is a pretty drastic term to use. OMG is in the same boat as most projects. They made grandiose promises and then realized that programming this stuff is very hard. Down but not quite out. The current price offers a good risk/reward IMO and is now realistic as opposed to when they were $10 or even $28.