Top ALTs to buy during capitulation


Since I want to make good returns I am definitely not buying anything from the top 50.

The one I am eyeing is Safex: mainnet just launched, exchange listings for their new coins are wrapped, this is one of them to pick up.


Coins I’d consider apart from ICX are …


and XRP because the sentiment on this one is just huge among the community I cant ignore its future growth potential, could even be #1 crypto by market cap? maybe too.

I’m no BTC maximalist, though BTC rules the behavior of the rest I’m more convinced in coins/tokens with a use case rather than a store of value.

ICX would be my BTC equivalent, maybe filling 75%-80% of my portfolio.


Noice man, you got any specific prices you looking at?


hard to say man, we will all see prices we thought we would NEVER see.


@Manuel_Villarreal Mate - I agree, we are seeing prices we didn’t think we’d see and probably not done yet.

But to think we are going to 0. or sub ico price for me is a bit to far. Even if BTC gets down to $1850 -$2500. Then ico price in my opinion would be about right. But hey I could be talking utter shit, i am just going off what’s plausible and likely.

Have you got any buy orders set yet for ICX, BTC or others?


@Nathan_D I just told you my thought process. XRP, XLM and NEM all launched in the same way yet have gone onto perform just fine. Thinking linearly like how your thinking may cause you to miss out on many projects during the next bull run that will accumulate hype.

An interesting argument that stems from that is how every coin that launched an ICO is basically centralized since you are trusting one entity to distribute all your coins. There’s not much of a difference between doing an ICO and the team holding onto a bunch of tokens for a while whilst slowly selling them off to VCs and to fund other projects. It’s not like the team behind DFINITY plan on holding their coins for the entire lifetime of the project. It’s a different way of doing the exact same thing.

As for him leaving EOS - all of that is just pure speculation. If you want proof that he’s working on EOS he is very active in the telegram channel and constantly goes over issues and how they’re going about fixing them. But let’s say he did leave EOS - he’d be leaving the first platform that is pretty much production ready and fully scalable. He could leave now and EOS would be just fine.

@CraigMak If you don’t think raising $4 billion won’t dramatically help EOS succeed then your lying to yourself or just don’t realize how much money that truly is. Riddled with hacks has to be the funniest excuse I’ve seen. There have only been a few vulnerabilities that were patched leading to 0 damage.

If you don’t think EOS is performing well and think it’s dead that your opinion. But you should really check this out for some perspective into why I like EOS:
I also recommend you actually try an EOS dapp. It’s the first blockchain fast enough to give a good user experience ( apart from Steem ). Maybe you’ll realize it’s value after that :slight_smile:


I’m fairly sure that eos did not raise $4 billion. It is a likely story that they’ve recycled plenty of the funds they received from their sales and then went and bought their own coins during the intervals of distribution. I would not be betting on eos frankly, and it will probably go in the same direction as bitshares and steemit.


‘I think something happened therefore it happened therefore a project will die’

‘Vitalik isn’t working for ethereum - he’s just a front to improve marketing’

‘Cardano didn’t raise any funds for their ICO. They just put numbers on their page’

‘EOS probably recycled their funds’

‘Dan probably isn’t working on EOS anymore’

Stop speculating guys.


wait … we cant speculate on a speculative market that crypto is atm? :beetconnect: :rofl:


oh no! :100::100::100: you got me!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::100::100::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Why do you believe in ICX so much?


Ask not to speculate in a speculative market is like asking people not to drink in a bar.


Why doesn’t anyone speculate on the downside?

Honestly, we all know the bear market is with us for at least another 6 months (I would lean towards 9). Why should we “buy” anything?

Best to wait it out. Things will get better. If you feel like that money sitting in your savings account will burn a hole in your wallet, sure, go ahead and buy some crypto, any crypto. They will all go up in 2 - 3 years. But if you have the resolve to wait, you will get more value (and more crypto overall) to sell in the next ATH.


I’m thinking rationally. Never invest in something that has red flags, especially when it’s already over valued. Sure, you can ride the hype train and hope to get lucky, but usually you will just get burned. There are better, safer options.

Also, a few of these projects go completely against my ethics, as well as violate the founding principles of why Bitcoin was invented. They may not be outright scams, but they are the viruses that are undermining our chance at collective financial freedom.

I’m all for making money, but not when it contains unjustified risk, or at the expense of my integrity.


I’m 100% sure that’s not true. Not ALL the coins will go up.

I will definitely also buy bitcoin between now and 1500 if I can. Dollar cost average.


This is like asking why we all didn’t sell at the ATH. The entire point of DCA or laddering in is because none of us have a crystal ball. We don’t know where the bottom or top is. If you do, then please, feel free to share the exact bottom and top so that we can all follow suit.


Kindly go back to December 2017 in CMC and compare it to January 2015.

Let me know which coin didn’t go up.

I will be making a post call “The argument against Dollar Cost Averaging”. Will let you know when it is up.


Because Peter has made us ICX believers. Where have you been?


Will share shortly in the post “The Argument Against Dollar Cost Averaging”.


I checekd about 30 coins, you’re right. Versus the dollar they all went up.

Would love to read your theory on DCA. :pray: I enjoy new perspectives.