Top ALTs to buy during capitulation


Very interesting


Funny thing I arrived to TBP because I was looking for info on ICX lol


No doubt that BTC is the best coin out there but it also has the largest market cap.
Due to largest market cap, up side is limited, you may still see another 10x in a bull market.
Don’t get me wrong, that’s great return, unless you invested a lot, it doesn’t get you financial freedom.
For a good altcoin, due to smaller market cap, you can get 100x or 1000x if you are lucky.



I just wrote up my post “The Argument Against Dollar Cost Averaging”. It has the crystal ball you are looking for (in terms of buying the bottom).


If you want a fully decentralized launch with the team having no power then you shouldn’t be investing into any coin with an ICO ( I.E. all the coins you mentioned in your first comment ). Dfinity is no different then Cardano. I don’t understand why you think Cardano is so above Dfinity or NEM or any of those coins.

I could also argue ADA is still massively over valued even at it’s current price. They have done nothing to deserve such a high market cap.


my thoughts too

Their pre ICO price was $0.0024 usd per ADA


On the dip, i’m buying BTC

but for alts, XMR, ADA & LTC


Peter merely introduced ICX to us much like he did many other projects. It was the community itself which decided to latch onto ICX.

I watched his video and did my own research. Everything you see ICX doing is huge. They have far more going for them than 95% of the market. With such a low position on CMC they are vastly undervalued when compared to other coins on the market.

Intrinsically valuing them in relation to something like an equity is impossible however.


A lot of the top 25 or so don’t deserve to be there. But I guess In the long run it’s better for us to be buying ICX at this rather than a dollar


I wasa big fan of poly. But seems like this project is going down the shitters too…Just like EOS. If youre into a security platform look up Preflogic


Here are my top picks:

Sky coin
Sky Chain


Best exchange to buy it from is Idex


neo ath was 26 x current ICX ath was 56 x current

makes sense, even if they go half their ath making 14x or 28 x is not bad but wondering if it will go even lower


It will def go lower, since 2700 BTC is inevitable now. SO the best thing is DCA to the Floor.


nope, here we only talk about facts, what do you think btc will be in a year from now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Evergreen Also if youre into low market cap. Then check out Neblio Super low market cap of 14.5mil and ATH of almost $60 right now selling at a super low price of 88 cents. A $150 investment today, can yield over 10k if it goes back to its ATH. Once again not a financial advise. And again what do i know :slight_smile:


Yep, my sentiments exactly. Plus they’re legitimate projects. When I say I’m stocking up I mean that I have orders in place. I fully expect a dip further before this crypto winter is over.


I like this approach and this is what i did back in August. I sold all my alts except NEO and ICON. But then starting in december instead of DCA BTC, NEO or ICON i started buying all the alts i believed in at a super cheap price. I am putting money in every other week to buy my fav alts


Indeed a great project. But lets be honest we all here are for the technology, but at the same time we are investing are hard earned money and we all deserve good profit margins. My only issue with projects like these are the higher market cap, which means we still have a few years to invest in it.


Skycoin right now is such an absolute steal!