Top ALTs to buy during capitulation


When did I ever say that? A team requires control and resources to be able to develop and deploy. However there’s a substantial difference between a team owning the typical 10-20%, and being majority holders.

Anyway, I’m going to just end this here. Clearly you have vastly different interpretations of common terms and concepts, and you invest purely for financial gains, rather than based on ideology. Which is fine, and you may even be right, but it just makes it impossible to have productive conversations.

No matter how much we disagree, I still wish you luck. :ok_hand:


I wanted to also add ENJ, and SKY to my list as well:


I think there is plenty of gains in the gaming goods area with Enjin, and SAFEX/SKY have a similar paradigm of equitable resource management.

Amen brother.


why do you think it’s going down the shitters?

Only thing I see going down in both poly and eos is price


When did I ever say that?

Only 6% of the token supply went to the public (4.75% to accredited pre-sale investors, and 1.25% airdropped to ‘select’ supporters), and the rest goes to the VCs and team (that’s an insane 94%, with the team itself holding literally more than half the token supply at 53.5%).

What you said above ^ is no more centralized than how cardano launched. DFinity selling off their tokens over time = ICO.

However there’s a substantial difference between a team owning the typical 10-20%, and being majority holders.

Again you don’t understand what I mean. During an ICO the team has 100% of the supply and chooses who they sell it to. The whole thing is centralized. Dfinity team owning more than 50% of their coins in the early stages and then selling it off is no different and won’t make the network any more centralized when it’s fully built than a team claiming to sell their coins to other people.

If you’re invested in a coin with an ICO then Dfinity’s launch shouldn’t be an issue for you.


There’s more to it than the highly centralized token distribution model, like the fact that it’s over valued. Sure, that’s technically subjective, however given that it’s going to hit exchanges with a 2bln market cap…that’s 4th place on CMC, which is outright ridiculous.

Add the fact that it’s a closed source project, they’re already openly censoring their community, they have no actual product yet, the selection process for block producer is already corrupt, and the project becomes the red flag of all red flags.

Honestly…like all our prior discussions, I feel like you’re trying to tell me that the sky isn’t blue. Almost everything you say either goes against what I perceive as logic and reason, or violates the founding principles of why cryptocurrency was created in the first place.

I respect that we disagree and yet never get into actual arguments, but each time I’m left scratching my head, wondering how I can even continue these discussions. I think we just need to respect that we have completely opposing viewpoints on what this space is about, and what constitutes a good project/investment.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We may not agree, but I genuinely wish you (and everyone else in the Pub) the best. This includes your investments in DFinity, XRP, EOS, etc.


If dfinity wanted to, they could also release a simple blockchain they just put together and claim it’s a product like cardano.

Also as for censoring their community. I’ve had no trouble discussing just about everything with them.

Here’s a link to the source code they’ve published so far to prove they’ve actually been doing something:

Here’s the updated timeline:

I don’t know why you think a16z or polychain or the other VCs who gave dfinity over a hundred million would invest into a scam.

I do agree with the fact that it will probably come onto the market with a lower valuation. That’s the bear market for you :slight_smile:


Naw, definitely not a scam at all. Sorry if I implied that, as I don’t think that at all! It’s just scary that the investors are already up 205x. That just reeks of an incoming dump.

As for the censorship, go search their Reddit for posts about token distribution. The mods outright admit that they’re deleting any posts on the topic. I found two cases where the mods admitted to it.

It is however good to see that they’re at least partially open-source. They’ve publicly stated that they’ll keep most of it closed source and will ‘consider’ going open source at a later date. Fingers crossed.

I’d be all for investing once it hits exchanges and the price discovery gets under way, assuming they quit censoring, go open-source, sell most of their holdings for runway budget, and unseat all their block producers. I just don’t see that happening, but who knows. A lot can happen in a short period of time in the space, and the project has a lot going for it. Maybe they’ll chance their ways. :slight_smile:

As for Cardano, v1.4 (Shelly) launches tomorrow, which with a few more upgrades will make Cardano one of the most advanced projects on the market. The last two months have seen it go from a bunch of promises, to a very advanced product (assuming it works as advertised lol).


I don’t know about the reddit thing but I directly asked multiple people about the coin distribution and had no issues. Maybe the question was just being repeated too many times or something so they decided to start deleting posts idk.

Also pretty happy about cardano updates!


Honestly, keep me posted about DFinity, even if you have to PM me. I may be hating on it at the moment, but I’ve certainly been wrong before (more than I care to admit). Plus as you say, projects mature with time.


This year my weekly DCA will mainly go into BTC.
The second part will be used to reduce some of the bags I am holding.

  1. VeChain
  2. Polymath [STO]
  3. Sentinel Protocol (OMG, XLM, TRX, LTC)
  4. New asset - TBD

My 3rd position will change as the bag I am holding gets less heavy and I achieve my AVG price goal. I might even start with one of the others, as UPP is up 50% during the last week due to their release of the Security Forum.

For my 4th position I am planning to welcome a new asset to my portoflio, but am still on the edge between the following 3 choices [ELA, AGI, KEY]. These are long-term investments for me. I am planning to build a position and then hold them for 3+ years.

Elastos is one that already has been extensively covered, so I won’t list their pro’s again.

However, the other two didn’t get much love here in the pub :man_shrugging:t3:

SingularityNET [AGI]

The project was co-initiated by the founder of Hanson Robotics as well as their Chief Scientist.

The project’s growth largely depends on the AI market. According to some research it is definitely a growing induest and the AI market is supposed to grow between 50-70% in 2019 and then continue to grow each year. Their team seems to be very much capable of executing successfuly their road map.

In 2018 they started working with the Malta goverment to develop their AI strategy as well as partnering with other blockchain companies. They even have a partnership with their biggest competitor in the AI space, DeepBrainChain. Besides that they have partnership with UNESCO, Hacken and others.

Their roadmap is split into 3 parts and they seem to make good progress on all of them.

  1. Platform Roadmap
  2. AI Service Roadmap
  3. Research Initiatives Roadmap

SelfKey [KEY]

SelfKey is a blockchain-based identity management platform that uses the concept known as self-sovereign identity (SSID). SelfKey provides organizations and individuals with full ownership of their own digital identities.

The team has made great progress during the last year and they launched their desktop app in June 2018. According to their roadmap they have achieved lots of goals already and have a busy year ahead of them.

What services does SelfKey offer to users?

  • Participate in token sales via their digital wallet.
  • Stake their KEY tokens to access the network as well as to verify and notarize their ID documents.
  • Purchase (using KEY tokens) services such as state residencies or licenses.

With incoming regulation to the crypto space this might be a thing and drive up demand for projects like SelfKey.


good thread to watch if you think EOS is centralized :slight_smile:


Your reference to BTC doesn’t help, as I feel that PoW is an antiquated consensus model, and that BTC is likely doomed to be a store of value.

Anyway, not really interested in discussing EOS. I’d rather save my attention and research for projects that I actually respect (the very thought process behind EOS, BCH, and XRP just outright pisses me off, as it goes against everything that enticed me towards crypto in the first place).


The reference to PoW also works for PoS. The thought process behind EOS is the exact same as Cardano - that’s what you’re missing and what that thread goes over.


No, not it’s not. We’ve been over this 10x now. Not all PoS and dPoS consensus methodologies are the same. :rofl:

And to be clear, I read the thread in question.


‘Like 4 entities controlling DPoS’ - EOS
‘Like 4 entities controlling PoS’ - ADA

PoS, DPoS consensus methodologies are the same. There is 0 reason one will be more centralized than the other - all that matters is how much coins you own and it’s about the same coin distribution for every blockchain.


Ugh, this is incredibly misinformed. They’re similar, but vastly different. We’ve already been over this repeatedly, so I’m moving on.

Back to the topic at hand.


I was a big fan of polymath, until they started having some serious issues…Are you aware of preflogic?


Preflogic is a weird one. I’m currently researching STO platforms, and it comes up on occasion.

Preflogic is a traditional IPO though, where you invest and own actual common shares in the company.


I like a lot of controversial coins/tokens. I am a fan of the following projects and I know some of you will hate on some of these but I have been in crypto since 2012 and I’m allowed to believe in what ever I want;-) Many of the projects I have to mention will be on the ETH blockchain, a blockchain many of you haters don’t like and refuse to admit might actually succeed in any way;-)

  1. Veritaseum (Veri), I believe even though the token issuance is not carried out how I would have done it. I see this project getting super huge. I followed Reggie Middleton for years before crypto existed and I see him as a dedicated CEO that will work hard to make his project succeed no matter what. I found Veri in Clif High’s first crypto report. Veritaseum showed up in Clif’s data years ago in the Latin language section of his program and many of the things Clif saw in his data have happened after I saw Clif write about it. In other words I’ve seen three or more separate things that Cliff could not have possibly known ahead of time having to do with just this project that he has been correct on. Cliff might not have been right about timing but he is still probably right about the success of this project.

  2. Populous (PPT), A big topic in the crypto world is Disintermediation where aspects of the legacy system get ported into the crypto version of it. The invoice factoring market is something like 4+ trillion dollars a year. If this project succeeded at just stealing just 1% of that business away from the way things used to be it would easily be a multibillion-dollar company. It’s also worth noting even though I know you people hate me for it, that PPT also shows up in Clif High’s data as a huge winner in the future.

  3. PayPie (PPP) This company won a competition to be integrated into QuickBooks. It also taps into a huge pile of money from the Legacy world that could easily be ported into the crypto economy. This project is like a half a penny a token right now;-)

  4. Piller Wallet (PLR) I think this could have a huge future. There are so many wallets in the crypto world but this one makes a lot of the complexity invisible which is a necessity for adoption. It is also like a half a penny right now as well. Also, cue the haters, This project shows up as a big success in Clif High Webbot data;-)

  5. Adex (ADX), Right now we see a huge amount of discussion on weather the way advertising has been conducted online is working and the whole topic of online advertising is up for debate. Companies realized that they weren’t getting business in accordance with how much money they were paying for advertising online. This means that a multi hundred billion dollar industry well now look at new ways of advertising online. I think this is one of the projects that industry is going to find. It’s a penny right now;-) Once again, cue the haters, This project also shows up as a big success in Clif High Webbot data;-)

  6. Theta (THETA), This project is one of those projects that at first glance doesn’t really need a blockchain which is usually a big red flag, But, World renowned psychic Michelle White Dove is all about this token and it is her #1 pick that she sees going to over a thousand dollars over 4 to 5 years. Other then a really capable team this is on this list purely because of being a psychic pick unlike the other options that have strong fundamentals and utility value. It’s a half a penny right now, If you just through a couple hundred bucks at it in 4 years that might really pay off. Think of this one as the lottery with way better chances.

  7. OmiseGO (OMG), The same way that Cisco is the backbone of the Internet, We could see OMG be the backbone of payments from eastern countries in the future. They have had a lot of bad press this month but in the longterm it could still be big;-)

  8. Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin chose to be a digital gold and to focus less on being a transactional layer for everyday purchases. Now with the lighting network Bitcoin will probably become both these again instead of just being in the digital Gold camp. But there is a chance that Litecoin will be used as a transactional layer and if that did happen the price of LTC would be in the thousands dollars.

  9. DigiByte (DGB) I can see the price of DGB go up a lot more than right now. In the future…

  10. NEO (NEO), If China decided to use NEO it would be used a lot and would go up in price a lot… NEO is more centralized and I could see it being used in a nefarious way by the Chinese government. I don’t put any money there cause I don’t like it’s centralization but it could still go up quite a bit from here if used…


Interesting picks! Thanks for providing your view from a different angle! :+1:t3: