Top coins to mine based on short term and long term profits/potential



Hey guys, just wanted to start a discussion about what you think is the most profitable coin to mine and which coin has the most potential to increase in profit in the future based on the current project and what they’re going to do. For me I believe a lot in Ethereum classic. I don’t sell my coins as soon as they’re mined, I HODL for long term potential. I tried looking into Ravencoin and Monero but always went back to setting my HIVE OS miner with my EVGA 1070 and 1080 Ti GPUs to mine Ethereum classic. I guess I like the project that much and the fact that its on many different exchanges is a huge plus. What say you?


They say Classic always tastes better :wink:

I do like the looks DGB also as it can be mined on many algos…


Soon there will be ICO of Nebula Network - it’s worth to follow this project right now because it may be truly rising star soon. Checkout their website and tell me what do you thing?


I’ve been mining ZCash for the last couple of months using Z9 mini ASICs, started with 2xZ9mini, now 4xZ9minis. I’ve been selling the mined ZEC to BTC everyday. Making an average of 0.25 BTC per month.


Good stuff brother!!


I’ll have to look into DGB to see if they offer it in Hive OS. Which algo do you recommend looking into?

Also for ASIC mining, all I have is GPUs and I guess just reading and watching videos about ASIC mining and how it could end up as heaters/door stoppers scared me.


I live in a cooler climate so my ASIC miners keep my house warm… i have them in the ceiling now with warm air ducted to living space…
Its free heating at end of day…
I mine DGB with the SHA256 algo…