Tours of Duty Overview


Every qualified Community Leader will participate in a “Tour of Duty” which, at a top-level, includes the following:

  1. You will be given MOD Status (and a brand spankin’ new title) for 90 days.
  2. You will gain access to a Staff-Only Forum (where we party all-day… jkjkjk).
  3. To be determined SWAG and other kickass goodies.

The hope is that we can not only provide you the necessary resources to help lead the best darn community on the planet but to also to invest in you, personally and professionally!

When your Tour of Duty starts you and the existing Community Leadership Team will chat through specific roles and responsibilities that capitalize on and align with your unique interests. For instance, if you’re particularly interested in Bitcoin Mining and Hardware then it might make sense for you to focus your time and attention on the #mining forum.

As your Tour of Duty nears its completion you will, of course, have an opportunity to sign-up for another tour. The reason why we do 90-day engagements is we want those who participate maximize their time and also have a clear opportunity to off-ramp as life changes. This also gives the entire team an opportunity to have retrospectives, reflections, and reviews of how things are going and what can (and should) be improved.

Being a Community Leader doesn’t require you to stay through the entire length of your Tour of Duty - life changes quickly and we want to be as flexible as possible with your schedule. We’ll connect with each one of your regularly to ask how you’re doing and how you’re feeling about your current participation status!

Finally (and obviously), we know this is a volunteer role and the entire #cryptonation deeply appreciates your work and investment! We couldn’t be more happy about your participation.

How To Become a Community Leader
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Pub Moderators First GoogleHangout! Stay Tuned~
The Purpose of the Pub - The Theory and Praxis


#FIRST Pub Mod Meetup successful!

We had

It was brilliant.
We’re very excited about growing this community. You will see changes, all for the good.
Our guys are the very best.

We talked about:
1 - Keeping this a respectful place. We want to invite even dissenting ideas to our channel. We want everyone to learn and grow and win too!
3 - Be positive. We’re here to grow the cryptocommunity and get everyone on the spaceship that we can. Period. Full stop. These is nothing negative about this space. Everybody is winning (especially if you just HODL BTC)!
4 - Always looking for opportunities to invite others deeper into the community.

SWAG! - Yes, we’re excited to start thinking about it!

Meetups??? Stay tuned guys…

Thanks for making this place awesome!


Yoooooooo! SWAG! :cowboy_hat_face: More & More “Eyeballs that way!” Always noice to have people ‘pay’ for free advertising! (Think Nike) … Then Just DO IT :peace_symbol:


Great meeting! Great things still too come!


Heyy, I would like to donate some swag! I have t-shirts and leather hardware wallet cases for Trezor, Ledger and KeepKey from


DM me about this please!


I was just curious… do we have a good amount of spread of World Wide Timezones on current community leaders. It would be good to have a good diversity across the globe. If china has a melt down in the middle of the day it could be early morning for most americans


in a perfect world we’d have worldwide coverage in every timezone. that’s where we’d like to head short and long-term. i’m not sure of the spread quite yet, but, we’re getting some bios filled out so you can get to know the mods a bit better.


I might have missed the post on this…Is there a application for being a MOD or is it discussed amonst the current mods based on what they have seen on the forum?


I updated this to include some thoughts on an “application” of sorts.

Our Community Leaders :fire: