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hi which trading platform is easy to use for normal daily trading or with simply charts? i have been using Poloniex but i see people have issues with it.


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Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing!

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Have you looked at Bittrex man?

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I use bittrex and bitfinex

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I love because it connects to all of the exchanges you use through an API. It is a paid service, but they use Trading View charts which are the best in my opinion. I also think they may offer a free trial. Check it out!

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Yes but its confusing on charts

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Hello Bitcoin Pub friends,

What trading platform to view charts do you use? Recommend?

Trading View has a 60% off deal. I don’t have an account (paid) yet. I’m more HODL, but want to start being more intelligent about timing and longer term trades.

I’m 87% going to do this, but wanted to ask here before I pay. I’m wondering if there is a better service?

@peter what say you?

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I am looking for a program or interface, something like coinigy but less fancy and free, that i can make sell and buy order on the top exchanges thru their api (binance, bittrex, gdax…). Do you guys know if something like that exist?

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