Trading/ Portfolio Advice

Hi Guys,

I hope everyone is doing well.

I was hoping for a little bit of advice.

I have detailed my portfolio breakdown below:

I have a few questions:

  1. Does anyone have thoughts on the breakdown? All tips/thoughts/insults welcome :wink:

  2. EOS seems to be trending up I was considering moving a portion of ETH and all my LTC to EOS. Does this sound like a good idea? I feel a little nervous doing this but with the main net approaching EOS seems to be doing really well. How low could ETH go?

  3. I have quite a few small holdings which I have lost Fiat value. I am kinda holding on to these in the hopes of them eventually moving. But at this stage I am thinking I should consolidate a little as they are quite low value.

  4. In terms of the recurring from KCS what do people do to maximise the value of these?

  5. What do most people do with the GAS harvested from NEO leave it as GAS? Trade it back into NEO? Or something else?

Thanks for all your help! :slight_smile:

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  1. Nice diversification.
  2. Are you up in fiat value on ETH and LTC? If not, I wouldn’t trade for EOS.
  3. Why take a L unless you have lost all faith in the coin?
  4. You mean the free coins you get from KCS? Other than sell them back out, is there anything else you can do with them? Can’t even withdraw because the withdraw fee is higher than the amount I have for each coin.
  5. Hodl until GAS hits new ATH, then sell.
  1. Probably one of the better portfolios I’ve seen. Everyone at the pub seems to be a good investor :slight_smile: Pretty nice and safe portfolio - I don’t think you went wrong anywhere.

  2. I think EOS just follows the market. If the market goes down, eos goes down. If the market goes up eos goes up. I agree that its mainnet approaching might gather hype when we get a little closer to it tho.

  3. Not sure :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. I trade it back into NEO. But you can do what the guy above said and wait for it to hit a ATH before selling.


Thanks guys! Would be interested to see some other peoples portfolios.

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too diversified for my taste…maybe I am wrong, but here is what I think:
it is better to have like 8 safe positions (like BTC, NEO etc) with good amounts of fiat investment in each, instead of much lower fiat investments spread out in 23.

how does everyone here feel about that statement?


Is that how you have broken down your portfolio?

Care to share :wink:

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Has @peter shared his portfolio breakdown at any point?

Now that I would like to see hehehe

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i did. i had a similar portfolio for a while, but then i refocused/rebalanced my portfolio limiting it to:
TRON (yes, bagholder here, bought at $0.08ct pre-moon - hadn’t had chance to sell)

This gave me better returns, from a hodling/investor perspective.
Now, if your a swing trader…i can imagine you hold somewhat more positions than i have.


I bought some tiny amount of TRX at 0.15 and 0.22 lol I was only starting thought it was mooning.

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i like your style but my only input would be to consolidate your assets. Better to have fewer assets with larger dollar amounts in them as this increases the potential for growth.

Unless your smaller holdings are still a significant dollar amount of course.

Point being if you have like 50 dollars in something, even a 10x wont really change your life much…and I’m seeing a lot of really small percentages in that portfolio. (but I don’t know the dollar amount).

For me - Limited capital should mean fewer assets but more money in Each. If you have a shit load of money to throw about then yeh get involved in more.
But with limited capital - Once you have fairly significant positions in a few solid projects then you can start hitting up some slightly more speculative ‘moon shot’ options.

my 2 cents anyway.


I should have traded some of my ETH for EOS LOL I traded my LTC for PRL so that I get the Airdrop on the 6th of April

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