Trading Script that I developed: HELPFUL SIMPLE 10/20 SMA HA STRATEGY for LONGS & SHORTS DYOR



Already 300 votes in trading view, The script is working flawlessly for the last few weeks.

As always do your own research before doing anything.


Awesome stuff. Love it that you’re using Heikin-Ashi candlesticks as it’s the same I use on daily basis.

I was wondering about the math to calculate your own H/A open/high/low/close and wondering if it’s correct…

#   HA-Close = (Open(0) + High(0) + Low(0) + Close(0)) / 4
HAClose = (open + high + low + close )/4  # GOOD!

#   HA-Open = (HA-Open(-1) + HA-Close(-1)) / 2
HAOpen = (close[1] + open[1]) /2  # GOOD!

#   HA-High = Maximum of the High(0), HA-Open(0) or HA-Close(0)
HAHigh =  max(close,max(high, open))  # max(high,max(HAOpen, HAClose))

#   HA-Low = Minimum of the Low(0), HA-Open(0) or HA-Close(0)
HALow = min(low,(min(open, close))) # min(low,min(HAOpen,HAClose))

Formulas above taken from:

I haven’t used Pine Script all that much, but I’d double check what the supplied values of the open/high/low/close candles are. If H/A candles are already selected, these variables may already be set to H/A values!

The rest looks solid to me and I will definitely play around with this!


mmm nice catch, I will double check this points. Thank you!