Trading under the Influence (TUI)

I got drunk and…Hiiiiiigh and for some reason even though id known about it’s existence and its value for years,I had never taken it seriously.

Aargh!! They called it Bitcoin, A wild beast T’was, men told stories of her wrath & her glory. I said "you know what Dave, I’m Fidna’ buy me some Bitcoin’’, I $100.

2 months later, first thing I check in the morning is CMC then the news-sites, then reddit, then youtube, Crypto Pub and then a stroll around binance ( that fucking mental asylum) to see whats in season, "“Ooh that Ethereum Classic looks good”, aaaaaand its gone.

Anyway, the whole point of this topic was that I much prefer Trading when i’m in some way intoxicated, I actually even make better trades, the only time my portfolio is high is when I am.

What should i do now doh? When the SEC won’t let BTC, I’ll let me be me and let me see…

Really though, trading under the influence actually makes it far more enjoyable, No FOMO ,no FUD no RUN-DMC just trading on gut instinct and 2 grams of coke to spice things up a notch


Careful with the fat finger errors, it’s happened to me. Paid an extra $1000 over market price for a Bitcoin before.


Sounds like you need to maintain buzz @Troy_McClure for maximum profits…No other choice :joy::star_struck:


sme thing happened me before, except it was with a prostitute, she didnt take bitcoin although she did accept NEO if you wanted to do her in the butt…zing


Fortunately for me I can spend most of my bank account in an hour of me going out. Otherwise I’d be just buying up shit :joy:


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