Trading View charts on other exchanges question


Another question, trying to get educated a little more every day. I’ve been using the trading view charts on binance, kucoin & hitbtc, adding indicators how i like them etc… however I can’t find any option to save the charts how i like them.

Does anyone know if you can save settings how you like them for next time you open the exchange? Would be great to save time rather than having to re-set the parameters each time I log in.


click on templates, save indicator templates then add a name of your chart. Each time you log on click templates and your chart name should be on the list bellow. :+1:
better add. that’s how I think you do it :see_no_evil: I just never log out :joy:


Yeah I got it to save in tradingview all good, but what i mean is on the other exchanges, you can view the charts as it looks in trading view… but can’t find a save as template option on any of them e.g. binance, kucoin, hitbtc… EDIT - I have found you can save each indicator on each of the charts as ‘save as default’, you just have to re-apply them each time you log in it seems, but at least they look how you want them.