TradrHacks Bitcoin and Altcoin Swing Trading Ideas

Whats up Crypto Nation I want to share with you guys my Swing Trading Ideas and trading hacks that allowed me to profit with 4x profits in 2017. For those who want to profit in bullish and bearish cycles then this thread is for you!

I Long and Short coins using margin and leverage. This means I borrow money from an exchange to be able to trade with more capital than what I actually own. I pay a fee for this privilege on every trade win or lose.

The way I profit is not necessarily by my winning rate. Its down to my Risk/Reward ratio, Average Winner/Losing amount. As long as my winners are bigger in size than my losers then theoretically I can lose more trades but still make gains.

My average winning rate ranges around 40%-50%. This means I lose more number of trades. However my winners are at least 3x of my losers and can be as much as 10x.

I developed this trading edge from learning to trade Forex, Gold and Indices since 2012. There are several components from my methodology that allow me to have an edge and they are:

  • Systematic System
  • Minimal Discretionary Trading
  • Risk Management on every trade
  • Psychological Capital managed well
  • Healthy, fit, rested, Composed body and mind
  • Meditation everyday
  • Journal Review every week

My wish is to assimilate myself into the Bitcoin Pub community as a contributer so that I can help you find the best trading and investment opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to read, share and give me constructive feedback. Feel free to ask me questions here or on my Twitter @DrigoTonio.

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Ill kick it off with my TA on NEO I posted on Steemit:

What do you guys love most about NEO?

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