Transfer Fees on Kraken

Did Kraken recently change their withdrawal fees, or have I just been blind for the last few months?
I was just about to withdraw my monthly DCA from Kraken, and realized just how high the fee was, 0.005 BTC. In the past I used to switch to LTC or ETH before transferring to avoid the massive BTC withdrawal fees, but I’m pretty sure I stopped when I started DCA (hopefully because the fee wasn’t that high at the time).
At the moment the withdrawal fee is about $32, and if the withdrawal fee has been the same since I started I’ve lost around $180 just withdrawing BTC to my paper wallet. :exploding_head: :scream:
It might not be much to some, but that’s 1/4 of what I’ve been able to invest during this time.
Guess it’s back to sending LTC to Changelly or something.

Fees for withdrawing BTC at Kraken should be 0.0005 not 0.005 BTC. Check it again.

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You’re absolutely correct, I guess I was tired this morning and only looked on the minimum withdrawal, which was 0.005, and thought that was the fee for withdrawal. Thanks for the clarification.

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I know this to be true. You beat me to it!

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This was my exact experience the first time I used Kraken lol

Had to check back a few times to confirm that it was 3x 0’s after the point and not 2 :bitcoinwings:


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