Trezor address problem


Hi All,

I am new to Trezor one wallet. I want to receive BTC in the wallet. I went to Account 1 and receive Tag. I clicked to see full address and confirm in the hardware key also. But next time I wanted to receive BTC again, it showed a new address instead of the old. Then I saw there is a “Show previous address”. So can I use the old address or have to use the new address every time I deposit BTC?

Thanks for your reply!


You can use the old address again if you want. But it is recommended and by default that you use a new address for every transaction. Some cases where you use the same address more than once would be mining to the BTC wallet or white-listing your address on an exchange to withdraw to.


Seikin, Thanks! Because i bind the address to a Exchange withdrawal address. So I dont need to change the setting every time when I want to withdraw BTC.


Using a different address for every transaction is a way the devs added a false sense of privacy to Bitcoin. The idea is that if you never use the same “checking account” number then it will be harder to track you. That’s just simply not true in practice and all it has really done is make so many users like yourself confused about how to transact with Bitcoin. In reality, mass adoption users don’t care about the privacy because they have nothing to hide.


Wrong assumption. They don’t have the alternative, really. Or didn’t have. Until now.

Regarding the false “sense of privacy”, I’d suggest you to research a bit more. I’d recommend you start from here:


It’s not an assumption. It’s fact based on my own experiences with end users in the space who do not use crypto for illegal purposes. They have nothing to hide so they don’t care about the privacy. Many don’t understand the functionality of multiple addresses nor decentralization to begin with. It’s not an assumption I’m making, it’s experience talking to actual end users of the technology who are outside the realm of actually understanding technically anything about Bitcoin. Some say these people should be left out in the cold, but I say and feel different.

I watch all his videos religiously. I still have my own experiences and life I live. I have lots of respect for him, and my wife could tell you she’s tired of hearing his voice through the house as I work.

I agree with that statement. However, I’m still not hearing the mass adoption type of end users I deal with demanding such privacy features. These are people who are not concerned about divulging their purchase history with corporations for some benefit to them or not. I know it might be hard to believe, but these people do exist in very large numbers.