Trezor Model T - Problems


Well, i got the first batch of the new Trezor Model T.

So far the experience has sucked to say the least. The bridge software (Firefox) is rather buggy and Chrome has had some recent vulnerabilities with the WEBUSB standard within Chrome that’s rendered the Trezor T useless with Chrome ( This Chrome vulnerability impacts Yubikey too if anyone is curious. Rather low probability event unfolding but nonetheless Google acknowledged it (

As for Firefox bridge, i am getting persistent “Action was interrupted Error details: LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED” errors, on multiple computers. The device isn’t being detected but yesterday it was working OK (ver 2.09 for windows), most of the time. So far its been frustrating. Anyone else had any issues with the Model T if they have gotten it yet?

If anyone has any suggestions to resolve that error, let me know. If that error does not display, i am stuck on the Trezor Wallet page saying ‘Connect trezor to continue’. Nothing happens. When i plug in my original Trezor, it detects it fine so its clearly device specific and clearly very buggy still.

If anyone is curious on the Model T -


I might give the Electrum client a go with the Model T and toy around to see if i can fix it that way.


I have the same issue i saw something like issue because of some permissions on chrome side so you should probably use firefox i will try that


I tried firefox and had similar difficulties. Let me know how you go


I couldn’t fix my issue yet still trying to solve it i will write here if i fix the issue I said issue might be because of chrome i saw that like yesterday i wasn’t have my trezor T that time here is the post


I am not using chrome considering that WEBUSB vulnerability. I am mostly trying to get it to work with Firefox and the Trezor Bridge, written by Trezor.


Wow! Thanks team for alerting to these vulnerabilities.

After reading up on this you would have to authorize the malicious website to communicate with your device. So a bad actor could set it up convincing enough, but still is not automatic.

Also interesting not all yubi devices are vulnerable. I wonder about the trezor?

Thanks guys!


I think it was Yubikeys with additional attack vectors (Neo yubi key used RFID or some type of wireless protocol) were vulnerable but not the regular yubikey 4. Its an outliar type scenario for the attack to work but still needs fixing. Timing is annoying with the Trezor T rollout. I doubt it impacts the Model T.


I found and the solution in this thread you can check it out


Awesome! Thanks very much


Np they send some devices with corrupted bootloader that’s the issue totally random :smiley: i spend 35 min of my last 38 with finding a micro sd adapter :smiley: atleast flash process was very fast and i don’t have a issue anymore. I am glad i helped out.


Yea im not sure i have a microSD anywhere to fix it. Might have to ask them to send one.


By the way my issue might happen because of cable they send within package it has some connection issues maybe when i was installing the firmware for the first time device disconnected because of cable :smiley:


Trezor fixed some further issues other people were having fyi


So have all your issues been fixed? I’m wanting to buy one of these and wanted to make sure everyone’s issues were resolved?


Yep - Works well now. Highly recommended.