TRON announces generous Airdrop of 30m TRX for Ethereum community

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Tron plans to airdrop some of its digital tokens onto the ethereum network. All ethereum users who held at least one ether coin after January 1 of this year will receive the token. The company plans to drop 30 million tokens worth approximately $1.7 million. It is doing so for users to begin using Tron, allowing the company to troubleshoot use issues as they arise.

Tron has launched an airdrop for the Ethereum network community; the digital asset is still being tested and will be distributed to the Ethereum users soon. The TRX tokens airdrop will introduce 30M TRX project and show the advantages that people using the Ethereum network will get from the project.

If we recall, the Ethereum community has been very supportive to TRON during the ERC20 phase, and the company wishes to show their appreciation to the users by airdropping 30M TRX to them.

However, there is a catch — not an unfair one, though. The beneficially of this offer will be all active users of Ethereum network who will be having a balance of over 1E after 1st January 2018. The 30M TRX is worthy approximately USD$ 1.7M.

Advantages of TRON over Ethereum

Ethereum network has some challenges and limitations that TRON aims at rectifying. The new technology comes at a point when there has been a rivalry between Justin sun and Vitalik Buterin. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, has recently been quoted claiming that TRON is way much better than Ethereum, but on the other hand, Vitalik Buterin feels that TRON does not have any creativity and is just an idea copied from Ethereum.

Diving into TRON’s 30m TRX airdrop deeper

It is projected that TRON will carry out more transactions than Ethereum, although some people feel that the features of TRON makes it easier and faster but do not take to account the efficiency of transactions. Subsequently, coming back to the TRON airdrop, all distribution of 30M TRX will be done automatically to the users of Etherium, and the customers will not be required to pay or provide any pin — now that’s a hint to users that they must not get trapped by scammers with this news later. The rewards given to the customers will range between 10 to 100 TRX tokens, which users could get converted to primary net tokens later.

Around 600,000 users will benefit from this rewards; this means that a significant portion of the outstanding 65 billion TRX tokens will remain unused. Subsequently, the owners of TRX tokens will have the right to participate in the various decision-making process such as voting of delegates and multiple types of nodes, although it is not entirely clear if the token owners will have interest in this project.

TRX at the moment

In regards to TRX’s current value, the news about the airdrop did not change the recovery of TRX market price much. There is recovery, but the recovery is still quite slow.

Currently, the market price of TRX is just above $0.05 (ranked 13th), but it is predicted that by the end of this year, the amount might rise as high as $1, which is a logic rate that has previously been attained by other projects such as Cardano (ADA) and Stellar (XLM). Indeed, if TRX can achieve the projected price of $ 1, considering it contains 65 billion tokens, it might displace Ripple (XRP). And become even the more successful project than Ethereum; now that’s way too far, right?

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