TRON New Payment System To Bring TRX To Mainstream

The use of digital currency in payments for goods and services has hit various hurdles as was seen with LitePay closing as did FuzeX recently delaying the launch of their highly anticipated debit cards. Nevertheless, the team was forced to postpone the launch after seeing hardship with being issued a Bank Identifications number (BIN) by the appropriate authorities. LitePay saw some similar setbacks as the team couldn’t get a card service provider to join up with. The CEO of LitePay, Kenneth Asare told the Litecoin Foundation earlier in the year that he had stopped all operations and was going to be selling the company.

However, now a new payment method has come to light called the Poppy system by TRON. according to BCFocus

“Poppy is a new point-of-sale [POS] system developed on the TRON blockchain by Sesameseed, which is also among the network’s Super Representatives. The TRON blockchain reduces the transaction fees of traditional credit-based payment modes.”

So how is Poppy different from the previous payment systems?

As previously mentioned, Poppy is a point of sale system which is specifically designed for the TRON ecosystem in order to bring TRX payments into the real world and therefore mainstream. By utilising the Clover POS system, Poppy will be able to offer an agile, dynamic and integrated alternative for payment systems.
Retailers and merchants will be able to update their current Clover hardware and be able to install the Poppy app if they wish to enter the crypto world. Clover provides several solutions for merchants such as a Mini Clover station, a handheld flux device and a full point of sale station.

According to Ethereum World News, being developed on the TRON blockchain means that Poppy will be able to offer the speed and sturdiness of the network. In addition to this, by utilising TRX as a payment option the transactions fees will be massively reduced in comparison to the fiat credit-based payment methods.

For those of you interested in Poppy, it’s worth noting that the addition of the TRON card is a credit-card style payment method which allows purchases and transactions at the point of sale point to be done through TRON tokens and TRX.

What are your thoughts? Will be looking into Poppy?


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