Trust In A Trustless System? How Ontology Could Bring Big Business To Blockchain



Thanks, but I’m holding mine on an exchange. Is there a certain # of NEO tokens that should be held and by what date should they have been purchased ?


The wallet snapshot was on March 1st. Ratio was 0.2 ONT to 1 NEO. I had my NEO in a wallet. They gave out 1/2 of the airdrop not long after the snapshot. Still waiting on the other 1/2.


ONT surpassed ICX in market cap…What an excellent two weeks for Ontology.


I honestly don’t know why it’s going up so much (I believe it to be way overbought at $4) but I guess I can’t complain :slight_smile: .


Trailing stop-lossing it. I want more ONT, feeling like this price level may be unsustainable as well, but the buy orders are still coming.


Possible positive feeling?

Is that a tingle or an explosion that you are experiencing? :wink:


I’ve literally read the NEO airdrop…and then watched ONT do nothing but climb. Damn near $4 and I hold zero…so I will fight the FOMO and wait for the interest to pass and the price to come back down.

I can do this😕


@peter…he’s been catching up on the ONT threads with likes.

ONT lagged for a little while before it began climbing. You can’t be jumping on coins just because they are moving. SQUIRREL!

You’ll get a second shot at it, just sit tight.

Or maybe you won’t. FOMO trigger! :beetconnect:


Now 1 month later at 4 usd, what do you think now? :slight_smile:


I’m disciplined-ish.
Just that whole missing a speeding bus feeling takes hold however I value each dollar i place into crypto…Looking for cheap ONT. $1 ONT is just as good as $10 ONT.


I still think it’s kind of overbought :stuck_out_tongue: . I sold half of my stack for ICX around $2.50, and if the ONT/ICX ratio grows a lot further, then I will sell the other half for it. I’m thinking about making ONT my DCA token long term, so it isn’t an issue when it comes to flipping. The only reason I can see for ONT’s current rally are the following reasons:

  • Hype from the NEO communtiy

  • MAINNET this quarter (sound familiar?)

  • Ontology GAS

Overall, ONT is a beast in its own right. Very solid token to hold for the coming years.


I think ICX will never catch ONT…


Hodl both. :moneybag:


Im in shock that it keeps rising…like it wont stop…a real WTF moment.

I wonder if anyone out there can explain this?


Its not about to stop anytime soon i believe…



What makes you say that?

What goes up…


ONT is being hyped as the new NEO. Plus the ONT Gas news. But consider the coin supply. Buying ONT at $4 is like buying $40 NEO.


Is $40 NEO a good or bad thing? It was $5…and cheaper. So $4 ONT is a steal?


I mean you could just buy NEO now at roughly the same scale in price. Looks like ONT has dropped a little for now. There will be 1 billion ONT and 100 million NEO.


Yeah i was waiting for the dip as mentioned before but damn…lol.
Ive got way more ICON tho. Will build that stash man.