Trust In A Trustless System? How Ontology Could Bring Big Business To Blockchain



It’s the 1 billion max supply that kept me from buying anymore ONT, looks like I was wrong… Waiting for the price to drop before adding to my small airdrop bag.


I think ONT was 600 mil?


Just checked on my airdropped ONT from holding NEO. Holy crap ONT is going nuts. What is the deal with this coin? Higher market cap than ICX already? That seems a bit crazy.

Does anyone know why it’s gaining momentum so rapidly? I don’t see any articles about it on cryptopanic or anything.


One day, yes. All being equal, it should be worth 1/10 of NEO’s price. Does the market think that way? No.

If NEO team (Da) didn’t come out and explain how NEO and ONT would coexist - a cursory reading of the white paper, the road map, and announcements would have made NEO holders very nervous - it would be easy to assume that ONT would be eating NEO’s lunch.

The project is strong, and investors see that. Any movement above 1B is what it is, but it wasn’t a surprise to see it get close to 1B fairly quickly. Well deserved FOMO so far.


Up again today…


It’s safe to assume that it’s mostly FOMO.


We’re coming close to the base of support from the last run up, which may or may no hold. I’d like to see ONT over 0.0006 over a couple days. Let’s see where this goes. Down from here? This would be a good time to jump out. Up? more likely. Cheers to those who accumulated over the last 15 days.


I got the airdrop and fought FOMO at $2…wtf did i wait for…


Its rise is absolutely unnatural lol.

It reminds me of ICON.
Its insane how much its shot up.
I got in at under 2 bucks…and was going to get more…but theres no way in hell im paying for it at theres prices.

if you put just 100 bucks in you got a SHITLOAD in return. Its pretty insane. Im trying to find out the top. Im a bit bitter that i wasnt in the newsletter and got 1 k free!!

But, remember that :slight_smile:

Circulating Supply
112,619,658 ONT

Total Supply
1,000,000,000 ONT

That alot more than ICON total supply so the people buying in now are batshit insane lol!


This is exactly what im looking for too.
Normally i NEVER do this…do you put it into Tether?
I want to buy back when it drops. My initial number was 7 bucks but i still held…i think my next will be 10


We’ll see it cross 1B market cap again. After it’s supply info was changed and it dropped down to the 40s on CMK, it was only a matter of time. ONT will be in the $10 range in the short term. Long term, it’s going much further. ONT doesn’t trade directly into tether. You would trade into BTC or ETH and then into tether. I wouldn’t do the latter.

You just have to think about what kind of gains you’re looking for. IMO, ONT isn’t your best use of fresh fiat right now. You can play the day trading game, as I have in the past to double my ONT stack (yes, the tax man will want it’s pound of flesh), but i’m not able to dedicate the time or have the stomach to miss-trade ONT at these levels. I wish I had bought more at $1.47 - rather than catching NEO in it’s dip, buying more BTC to hold, and some ETH to pump into an upcoming ICO - but that’s just life in the green.

Don’t get caught trading one high quality project that’s lagging to catch a rocket, unless you’re a masochist.


I want to buy back at a lower cost. I think i might set my limit at 12 bucks…in honor of ICON.


Rocketed past 1B and up to 1.2B mkt cap. Wow, what movement.


What manner of sorcery was that? :mage: Well I can easily say my sell order was filled lol.


U sold ? I have been holding this since the start. This is going to fly and hopefully the future gas payouts will be a nice revenue stream for other shitcoins


Yeah, was trading ONT now that my ICX goal was reached. Still way up.


Ont is going to do great this year if we have a bull market


This is freaking insane lol!!


Today was an amazing day to trade ONT. I can’t believe it’s over $10 already. :rocket:


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