Trust In A Trustless System? How Ontology Could Bring Big Business To Blockchain



To answer your question:


what’s yall take on ontology 03 mobile wallet? i know that’s the only token swap support right now. but what’s your longer term ont plan?
wait for ledger integration?
or carry it around on your mobile?

you know you got that airdorp ont!


I’m storing my ONT in NEON currently. I imported my wallet into Onto app, but all I can see for a balance is the airdrop we just received. I created a new onto wallet address, and sent 1 ONT as a test, and it hasn’t shown up in the app balance. Tracker says transaction OK though. A little annoying, but I’ll give it some time.


Buy window opening, I wonder if it’ll hold 0.00049


Holding at 0.00045 resistance from early/late April. Next resistance around ~0.000336…hard to believe it’ll go there. @Manuel_Villarreal have any thoughts?


Heads up to anyone still holding the NEP-5 ONT, swap them! Now!


Neck Minute…

Ignition started set for take off… :rocket:


Wow, missed this. ONG trading with KRW on upbit. Explains the $3+ USD jump in late September, and the support around $1 now.

Overvalued? Trading at 50%+ of ONT.


Is anyone here holding ont for gas? Is it worth it. Have they got a decent future?