Hi, I’m totally confused with what needs to be done with some of these tokens, such as TRX-VEN-EOS. I’ve tried searching but cant find anything that explains it for us that are still learning. I have trx and ven on binance and eos in exodus. I don’t know if i need them in a specific wallet, leave them on binance to receive airdrops. I’m sure i’ve missed out on some things, but hoping someone can explain it so i understand it and learn for the next time. Thank you


Are you talking about migration to mainnet / tokenswap?
If so, I have mine on Binance.
They will take care of everything and also credit any worthy airdrops.

To my knowledge, the swap is still underway.
You can always contact the token dev team or hope in their chat like discord or TS.

Some rules are a little complex, like ONT needs to be held in whole numbers.


Thanks, Great guide. Still having a hard time understanding the technology. I’ll keep reading and learning. Thanks again


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