Tutorial: how to lose pub account quickly

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So about two weeks ago i was searching for a trading bot and i found one that for the time being cost way to much for me.

But I also ran into this cloud trading bot

They claim really good returns and I’ll get to them in a bit. This could of course be a scam like some other sites but there are a few things that make it seem less like a scam which I’ll list below.

  • The bot has been under development by an English developer during 1.5 years and he has made it because he believes in bitcoin and want more to invest in currencies. He is also at the moment developing a more advanced stand alone bot that i guess he will be selling once it’s finished.

  • He joins the chat almost daily and answer questions and ask for feedback.

  • He charges a fee when you want to withdraw your initial deposit but your returns that you don’t compound you can withdraw without a fee. And you can withdraw your funds at any time, so no lock up of funds like Bitconnect.

  • The fee i believe has several reasons. It makes people less likely to withdraw, it helps to pay for the faucet the site also has and it also helps to top up the return on investment if the bot doesn’t quite reach the goal each payout.

  • He has also invested in the bot himself as shown on his profile (which of course could be totally fake as he is the developer)

  • Also there are other auto trading bots out there that you can buy, this is just another way of monetizing his bot he has created. And it’s dead simple to use for those not so knowledgeable about trading.

  • There is an affiliate program but it’s not several levels like MLM/ Pyramid programs. It’s only one level and you get 5% for every investor you bring to the platform which is paid from the developers profits.

Those where the main reasons which is why I believe more in this site than.

So on to the bot itself.
There are three different settings.

  • Scalping - 2 - 2.3% daily
  • Technical - 7.1 - 8.2% every three days.
  • Swing - 22.1 - 24.1% every week.

I got my first payment this Monday in the sum i expected.

Yes it’s a very good return but so far it has worked out for me and the others using the bot.

Feel free to check it out and discuss what you think about it.


Yeh. Please remove all affiliate links. Thanks @Fragmaster

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I also removed his about me ref link banner.

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Dang…he showed his face and everything!

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Another AuroraMine, huh? Now with the trading bot. Lol


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