Ubuntu 18.04 Crashes after reboot after installing drivers


I Am building my first mining rig but I have a huge issue. I am using minergate CUI mining and it does not give me the option to use my GPU’s, it will only mine with the CPU.

I have 3 ASUS RX 580 8GB OC Edition cards. The only recommended driver I can find is the amd pro driver which I have tried. The installation seems to go fine and when I am finished and reboot my computer it gets stuck in either a black screen or pink screen. Can’t access the terminal using CTRL + ALT + F1/F2, it is just frozen.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled everything several times, I updated my OS from 16.04 to 18.04 after reinstalling it but the same problem still occurs, and I don’t even know if the driver is the initial problem.

Anyone have any ideas for a beginner?



  1. On a fresh Ubuntu install, install clinfo (sudo apt-get install clinfo), then grab the drivers from:
  2. Extract drivers:
    tar -xJlpvf amdgpu-pro-18.20-606296.tar.xz
  3. As root, install drivers using:
    ./amdgpu-install --headless --opencl=legacy

Then reboot.

After reboot, run “clinfo” and make sure all the cards got recognised.

Let us know how you go. If you are running more than one GPU card, you might need to adjust BIOS to turn off some of the power management.

Stay Fishy


Thx for the help. Had to much trouble with Ubuntu so I switched too Windows instead. I have 3 RX 580 and they are going at it nicely now. I still need to get the hashrate up though.