UK Cryptonation


You would definitely have some fun man! If there’s anything that Brits love it’s definitely their Alcohol! lol

I’m thinking about helping setup a London based… May need your input/help. :grin:

Also, had a real long interesting convo with this dude today. :+1:t4::grin::metal:t4::raised_hands:t4:


Hi to all my fellow UK Cryptonation!! I’m from Manchester :smiley:. @peter you definitely need to visit us.


You can still get it into GDAX without doing SEPA. Just buy Bitcoin as normal in Coinbase, could do ETH and LTC I guess but not tried. Then you just transfer the coin over within GDAX and send to Bittrex…Zero fee :grinning:


NINCOMSOUP would be a good venue, they have a bitcoin cash machine there :smiley:

Bringing the Pub to the United Kingdom 24/02/2018 - London Meet Up


Hi, New here… I’m looking to trade in UK. Is coinfloor the best option? which do you guys recommend?


Best option to get BTCs with fiat, or best option to trade between cryptos? The answer will probably be different based on that :slight_smile:


Best option to get BTC with fiat… ££££.


Thank you Paul. I want to get in quickly because of the fork… :slight_smile: I have just ordered a couple of hardware wallets. I missed the opportunity to get into bitcoins when they started off :frowning: . I used to work in infosec and trades compliance for many years so haven’t been actively trading anything.


Many thanks! I saw others mentioning they would be interested in a Meetup so count me in too


More info here @KceeBringing the Pub to the United Kingdom 24/02/2018 - London Meet Up


Hi everyone
I’m in Worcestershire.


Hello cryptonation I’m down in Kent. Are u still doing monthly meet ups?


I’m think about buying this for doing tax calculations - has anybody here used it for the UK?

Cheers Mark


OK this looks like Telegraph clickbait

Its a Premium article which means you have to sign up (you can get one Premium article per month on a free subscription)

Seems to be saying you can avoid tax by claiming Cryto gains are gambling - sounds like bs to me…


yoooo, im in london! is anyone interested in meeting up?




gambler from Brum town checking in :wink: Anyone involved in mining in my area please hit me up!


Completely agree. At any point HMRC could turn round and regulate it officially.


Loads of meetup around as well. How many in london are there of us?