UK PUB MEET UP. Saturday 8th December!



So after seeing a few pictures from the meet up in Atlanta, I think it may be time we get one done in the UK.

I know there has already been groups started but it’s easier to start a fresh. I’ll tag a few people. If you know anyone else please tag them. Once we have people genuinely interested. We can pick a time and place. I’m thinking maybe November, gives people plenty of notice.


I know there are more but I’m not 100% on if they are in the UK or not.


Nice one max, yeah count me in mate!
I’m away on exercise for two weeks in november, but should be back back end-ish of it. But i’ll do my best to juggle some things around if need be, I’ll add @Clarky663 to this aswell!


That’s unlucky, I feel your pain though but I put my PVR in a few years ago! Ironically I’m working right next to warcop ranges tonight! But we can definitely make it towards the end of November!


Yeah I’m on it mate.

@Clarky663 let’s invite that dog… It’ll be fun :lying_face:


Sweet. I’ll write down those who are game and get then get a date :slight_smile:


Can’t forget the infamous @Jacko1988


We know anyone else who might be interested???


Put my name down mate :+1:


Nice one man, you know anymore people from the UK on here??


Na mate think it might just be us freaks. :joy:


What about our man @Danosaurs??


Yeah i would be down!! South of England here :smiley:


I’m south of England too! :crazy_face:


@Clarky663 @Duttydirtz where abouts are you two?


Pains me to say it mate but I’m a southern softy now as well :cry: north Hertfordshire.


Buckinghamshire mate


The weather aight down ere though!


Bunch of southern wankers the lot on ya :joy:


@scraggyhound needs to get on here and get involved.


Yo @cryptohaze get a cheap flight out whilst the UK is still in the EU! Haha