UK PUB MEET UP. Saturday 8th December!



ha ha…morning mate… im too busy digging another Rossington lad out the crap,its why im not trading much at the moment…I think we already know Im south yorkshire… :wink:


Yoo I would love to! You could tell by how much likes I spammed you guys with :rofl:
It’s sad that I can’t, got myself into a full time language course which ends beginning of Feb…
Get your spacesuit ready just incase!


Would love to go but I will be busy with my astronomy project .
P.S.If you guys meet up in Edinburgh, I’ll definitely go :kissing_heart:


Maybe abit far for the ones down south :disappointed:
Looks like we have a majority of people from the south, maybe London??


That’s a shame. I lived in Kent before moving to the Haggis-land


Anything above Northampton is Scotland to me… that’s when the accents start to go a bit mad! From Brummie, to Liverpool then Mancs then Yorkshire… Scottish basically!

Anyone triggered? :sweat_smile:

The thing is you northerners don’t have a come back with our southern accents! What are you going to say? We speak clear and concise? Get out of here! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



I call it camp af. :dancer:


You lot can’t pronounce bath properly. Our lass is from Portsmouth and calls it a Barf


Yeah I agree it’s weird that we pronounce certain words by adding an invisible R! The Yanks pronounce things the right way too.

The word ‘‘Lieutenant’’ is pronounced ‘‘Leftenant’’ in the UK WTF is that about! @Leo_Beal can you confirm this? What rank are you by the way?



@CryptoPunkUK you up for it??


It depends on Date & location Max I will be able to give you a defo yeah or no when you know when and where, also might have to get a translator down there as Ive already had miscomunication\missunderstanding with dutty with some of my writing on here, by the way what does Leo Beal mean in cockerney rhyming ?.:+1:


Looking at somewhere central at the end of November/beginning of December


Lads who have said yes here’s a poll, I have added Edinburgh Just if anyone fancies the trip up!

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Edinburgh

0 voters

Most votes will be the location!


@Sonam i know there are not many french people in, u can join the UK meetup!


London or Edinburgh suits me mate, my home town is Edinburgh and live near London :ok_hand:


That would be great! What about @Vicros??


@jim85 brother is also close by Amsterdam! sorry bro couldn’t meet when i was there! u should meet the pub members in UK.


I wish I could come, but unfortunately I won’t be able to.


That’s a massive shame bud!