UK PUB MEET UP. Saturday 8th December!



@peter yoooo… head to the UK?


Might need to dig out your coats!


@peter @john Would be awesome if you could make it! We will put on a right show!! The first Pub UK meet up?


Looks like it’s London! What are people’s preference on a date??


The real deal plus 20c’s annoying pad.


Thanks for the head up bro! I check if I can join the UK meet up.

Hope to see you next time! :beers:


Thanks brother but unfortunately i don’t think i’ll be able to make it.


Wonder if anyone from Melbourne?


You up for the trip? Not set a date yet but we are trying to find one to accommodate everyone :slight_smile:


I don’t mind to Fly to London if I’m free. :beers: Just keep me updated about the date. Would be great to see some people from the pub.


Dennis get yourself to the meet up lad! Be good to meet you, wev’e been in the trenches far to long together to not have met :joy:


very very true man. We have been in the trenches for ages.


The votes are in! We are meeting in London. Now can everybody let me know which date would suit them.

I am thinking maybe the weekend of the 24th of November or the weekend of the 1st of December.

Now if @john and @peter would like to tag a long it would be amazing and we would welcome you to the UK with great hospitality! And we would obviously have to make tweaks to the date to suit them


I’m rage quitting Crypto if the Saddington brothers don’t come! You’ll get a ‘‘I’m leaving the pub thread’’ too where I blame the brothers for everything!


That won’t be the first time someone rage quits and blames them! :joy::joy:


When the saddington brothers politely decline.


Those dates are very early for us! Probably won’t be able to come!


I did think they would be! But we would be more than willing to accommodate a later date if you two would want to make the trip :blush:


Or maybe do both :thinking: could do this one up and coming and one in the new year?