UK PUB MEET UP. Saturday 8th December!



Hello all,
My Nov is filling up but should be able to make it towards the end of Nov early Dec.
Any thoughts on where?


I set up a poll and London was the clear winner bud, but yeah hopefully can get everyone on the last weekend of November first weekend of December


@cryptobear was in a UK pub met up with some other people last year

Edit: that’s his name in discord not sure if it’s the same user lol


I am away with work until end of november, so early Dec good for me lads…


How’s the 1st of December? Or would you prefer the weekend after?


Did you see me pushing this thread in today’s stream?


im up



Yes! Thank you! Hopefully gets more people involved! Its starting to get exciting!


Lads just trying to get a confirmation on the 1st of December as the date, once I have a date we can get the ball rolling further so that people can get accommodation and transport sorted as early as possible. The Fury v Wilder fight will be on that weekend so I’m anticipating a mad one :joy::joy:


Please speak up if you can’t make this date, if you don’t I won’t be able to make other arrangements to suit :slightly_smiling_face:


I cant do december 1 mate…:cold_sweat:


What can you do bud?


weekend after or before…


I’m up for a UK pub meet up. I’ll have to dodge some Xmas parties if I was to make it work in Dec


The one after I think will have to be then because @Leo_Beal is away until the end of November


OK mate… I will keep it clear… thanks. :+1:


How is everyone for the 8th of December!!??


How about Cafe De Paris in Leicester Square? I know the guy at the door… VIP anyone? :smirk:


@MaxP Nice one mate - whatever the date come end of November i’ll make it work, can’t miss the first UK pub meet up! :partying_face:


@Duttydirtz get me in that VIP!! :joy: and nice one man! Gonna be a good weekend!!!