UK PUB MEET UP. Saturday 8th December!



Good morning everyone!

Just trying to get confirmation that people are good for the 8th December! I want to start getting my hotel and train booked!


Max I’m down mate - My finance mate lives in london, so i’ll drag him along too. He’s a massive crypto nut aswell, and is big on ICX and BTC.
Where about in london we thinking?


Tbh I was hoping one of you lot who spend a lot of time there know a decent spot haha


Your finance mate isn’t Alfie Usher by any chance :thinking::joy:


I’m good for those dates mate, if I’m supposed to be working I’ll unfortunately contract the flu that weekend :lying_face:


Noice one man!

Anyone else staying over?


What’s happening people,

The meet up will be happening on the 8th of December! Now I just need a suggestion on a place we can all meet.

Wants to be preferably central. I’m hoping one of you southern lot can help me out here and know a decent place we can get together!


8 of December, okay I will ask of holiday or day of in that time! I would really love to see y’all guys.

That was definitely too long!


The would be awesome man!!


Only just saw this thread - I’m in.


Think we have a decent number! Hopefully everyone makes it. I’ll have a look for some pubs to see where we can all meet.


Yeah - we were going to meet at the Youtube hub at Kings Cross, but they wouldn’t let us in :slight_smile: so we went to Nandos and then had a beer.


Open to suggestions if anyone knows a decent spot who is from that way on?


Now then people.

I have found a pub for us to meet that is pretty central. It’s just off Leicester Square, so it’s central for everybody. This is the place…

I know how busy London can get on a weekend so I’m going to try reserve us all a table! I’m looking at Around 13:00. But what I need to know is numbers. This is who I have provisionally so far… (ones who have posted and voted)

@Leo_Beal @scraggyhound @Jacko1988 @jim85 @Clarky663 @Duttydirtz @Danosaurs @kimchi @PeppaBox @7UP

If I have missed anyone’s name. Please let me know!!!


Names continued…

@Blynker @CryptoPunkUK @Lennytrader @Stroyde


He Max, unfortunately I can’t make it. Love to be there next time! But I have friends from abroad coming over the weekend of the meetup.

Have fun guys! :beers:


Sorry Max, I cant make it this time around mate but hope you lot have a scream.


Thanks for letting me know :blush:


Is that 1 oclock dinner time?? what train do I need to make that and do I need a passport??


Aye mate dinner time! Which station you coming from? And yes bring it, they might not let you back into Yorkshire without it