UK Tax with Bitcoin


Do you know a gold seller that accepts crypto? I normally buy mine from in Germany


Here’s a thread with the details on it, they are a very professional outfit & happy to talk to you over the phone, so contact & any issue\queries you might have can be sorted out asap.
I would defo use them again.


Im not paying them a dime, plus it’s classed as gambling profits right now. That came from someone who worked at HMRC by the way…


it seems i don’t have permissions to access that topic…


I have just PM you !!!


Can I have access to that tax room as well?


Sorry not sure what you mean by tax room ?


In order to buy the gold you need to convert from crypto to fiat, which would be classed as a capital gain, so not sure how you get round that…?


i would strongly advise speaking to an accountant before going down that road…


I bought the Gold with Bitcoin from a bullion dealer in London who sell Gold for Bitcoin so no fiat involved in the purchase of the Gold, so nothing to get around. :sunglasses::+1:


i see i see :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Can you sort me out with access to the topic as well?
Thanks in advance.


I think this might be what your looking for, let me know.



When I follow the link I get a message telling me I don’t have access. How do I gain access?


I already have my friend.


Just spotted this on coindesk might be of interest to the Lads & Lasses from the UK, anyone trying to go down the “its gambling so I dont need to pay tax might be in for a shock”