UK traders and best platforms for getting started


Hi all! I’m fairly new to cryptocurrency and only made my first few buys/trades a couple days ago. Just wondering, for those trading in the UK what are your sources for buying Bitcoins which offers good rates and low fees? Any recommendations for wallets and exchanges? My current source is, wallet on (planing on moving to exodus ) and trading on Bittrex. Thanks


I try and find trusted traders on Do use escrow?

#3 and for buying bitcoins. For exchanges I try to stick with Bittrex only.

Also get yourself a hardware wallet. I ordered a ledger s from their website around 3 weeks ago. Their stock is depleted but they will dispatch it from France when they have some. Mine should hopefully be dispatched this week.


Not sure if they use escrow but they are a London based brokerage and runs an OTC marketplace for larger trades. High reviews and super fast transactions from them so far, but their rates are a bit high. Might have to switch to localbitcoins. Thanks


Yes I was looking to buy one as well! Will do when I make some profits :stuck_out_tongue:

#6 is another one suggested by peter in his recent video


Hello! Molly from CoinCorner here. I imagine you’re no longer new to crypto anymore (I know this is an old post) but I just wanted to pop by and introduce myself and the team at CoinCorner :slight_smile:
We’ve actually been around a little while (we launched in 2014) but we’ve always been relatively quiet until now. Our team have been busy in the background, working on our platform to make it as user/newbie-friendly as possible :slight_smile:
We were also one of the first places in the UK to support credit/debit purchases, so you buy Bitcoin in a matter of minutes… no waiting days for bank transfers! :tada:
If you have any questions, feel free to ask :smile:


Just for good providence… please do your research… another good exchange is Binance… you can buy direclty with pounds now.

Look at all the associated rates and figure out where charges you the least…

Coinbase pro has no charges … so what I do is to put pounds to them … takes 5 days… then convert to buying a transferable coin… then put it over to binance… this is a way…