Understanding what Q is trying to tell us


In one of the recent videos, Peter mentioned Q (qanonposts.com) and it got my attention.
As per my understanding it is a webpage where a guy or organization is posting hints about something that is going to happen in near future. So far i have not been able to tie his posts with anything that is happening for sure. I can only speculate.
So i thought it will be a good idea to crack down and discuss what Mr. Q is trying to tell us with his posts. Maybe we can discover something before others do.

In his latest post he is saying:

“Clock activated.

My guess would be the stock market crash?
In previous posts he said something about incoming panic.

Tinfoil hats on and lets go :tinfoilhat:


If the stock market was a true free market like crypto is we would see massive crashes and pumps but it is so controlled they may let it crash as it should but I don’t bet against them printing more money to keep it proped up.


So much has been written about these posts. It all has to to with Trump and “white hats” vs. Deep State and “black hats”. The current or recent post about panic has to do with ‘deep state’ panic because the ‘white hats’ are in control and winning. The end game being giving control back to the people and away from corrupt, self serving “cabal” type characters.

Not ashamed to say I love this stuff and I am fascinated by it. Some people think the posts along with Trump tweets are coded and a few mathematician types claim to have decoded some of the posts. It would take a lot of reading to catch up with Q posts, as its been going on for months, but within context, it is a fascinating ‘game’ to follow and anticipate what is coming next.

Q is supposed to be a person or group of high level people communicating with ‘the people’.


Operation Storm… Currently in phase calm before the storm.

What I find interesting is that Q mentioned a dead cat bounce. He is clearly talking about traditional stock market however u have built a clear relationship between stocks and cryptos. Cryptos always crash first and the stock market follows shortly after they are even using it as an indicator on wall street. So… If there is a crash and dead cat bounce coming to stocks we actually might be witnessing a dead cat bounce in BTC right now


What we’re missing is the “meta” , as @peter says. (M)Q anon (ULTRA) may turn out to be an M program. Remove a cabal, and who takes it’s place? The “white hats” behind the curtain? We are watching a Hydra pruning it’s heads.

Relevant to our interest on this forum are the players in this new age cabal that have roles and influence in technology and blockchain/similar tech. For all of it’s benefits, a tool like blockchain can be used to usurp freedom just as well as it can protect freedom. How does the incoming cabal want to use it?


The question I have is what is Q doing at the ‘meta?’

Me thinks its to garner trust back into government… <- this is a bad idea.


Exactly my thinking, reinforced by recent findings/messages elsewhere that may be over the heads of many on this forum. The validity of that source is still in question with the original PGP key issue though, beware false paths.


Army core of engineer logo is a red castle


The great deception…we become a fan, a supporter if you will…pulled in and deceived?
I’m reading and researching the drops myself all while watching myself.
Asking questions is healthy…somehow this has gotten spun into being a conspiracy theorists. I say those that hand out that title are fools and asleep or hiding something themselves.


Red castle is China; Green is Iran (or islamic region).

I read ‘trade war activated’.


Traditionally, secretive individuals/groups who release information are usually accused of being affiliated with nation state clandestine services seeking to undermine. Their information and motives are constantly called into question.

With Qanon, the individual/group behind the veil has admitted to being on the “inside”. This is the trick. For some reason, in the minds of the general public, this difference seems to cross the chasm of cognitive dissonance.

A whistle-blower with no face seems to garner more support than a whistle-blower unmasked and forced to run from authorities for his “crimes against the state” .


This code is like looking up at the clouds and seeing an elephant. The problem is that intelegent people can look at the same set of clouds and see not only an elephant but the circuis too. Then in hind sight they correlate the the code to real world events.


OK so I can’t speel “circus”:crazy_face:


Red castles? https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=korean+castles&oq=korean+castles&aqs=chrome..69i57.4876j0j7&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#istate=lrl:mlt


The tariff increase for the Chinese products to US goes live at the beginning of May, 2018.

The Petroyuan future market opens in China today (2018-03-26). Last time a country tries to settle petro contract without USD, the leader (Saddam) was executed. The crude oil future in Yuan has been planned long before the US election, which means the tariff increase from US was a reaction.

P.R.China understood good time was over after the Obama years. The CCP was pressed to find another sustainable source of hard currency income before the trade with the West diminishes. Hence the (1) ‘One belt One road’, which attempts to revive the trade inland. (2) Another path is the internationalisation of Yuan through oil trade.

I don’t think either option will succeed for its original purpose. However, a reduced trust on Yuan/USD will be the outcome. That means the appreciation of the precious metal and Bitcoin.

Here is a video on the Petroyuan contract:

What March 26th, 2018 Will Mean to the Petrodollar.


the matrix was a documentary.





Red Castle = China or Russia / maybe both.
Green Castle = USA and Allies / if we have any left.
5: 5(y) = 5th of 5 years?


Cutting edge scientific discoveries do not necessarily apply in engineering in short term. Some of IBM projects are still in the stage of ‘solution looking for problems’.

e.g. unbiased A.I. does not exist. When IBM claims it is going to infuse ‘our value’ into the A.I., the A.I. is biased with ‘our value’. Same goes with the anti-counterfeit blockchain: The trust on the human book keeper can not be coded.


I’ve theorized Q is linked to MK Ultra… CICADA 3301PUZZEL has suggested this.


The infamous cicadas ?