Universal basic income


I’m wondering why some people say that UBI is a bad idea. Are they afraid that people will get lazy or something as self-limiting as this? I say it is necessary to imlement UBI – This is the only way to realize the real potential of the humanity.




Educate me on this. Is UBI just giving people money as an entitlement, or is it an exchange for some kind of value?


What do you mean by a universal basic income??


Everyone gets a flat income regardless if you are Jeff Bezos or crackhead charlie.


That is is getting close to communism which assumes everyone can live altruistic and wrongly assumes we as humans are not selfish. Jeff Bezos brought more value to society then Charlie the Crackhead, so he deserves more.


That’s a terrible idea


Terrible? Could you elaborate why do you think like that?


I believe the idea is born out of or at least in part to cope with the impending rise of the robots & the unemployment that its going to create, so part of the idea is that it will soften the blow for all of those disenfranchised drivers & other manual labouring jobs that will disapear…


No incentive to better yourself.


I’m not even gonna watch that. “Universal Basic Income” sounds like, “everybody gets the same lot in life no matter what.” First thing that pops into my mind is “food stamps” and “the projects” otherwise known as social well-fare. What was once meant to help struggling families get back on their feet became a program of entitlement. If you don’t have to do anything to get something, then there are plenty of people willing to step up to the plate and take that deal. And that sucks for everybody else that is willing to do something to get something.

Problem is, money makes the world go around. It shouldn’t, but it does and for the simple reason that not everyone can be their own self-sustaining, producing farm, or maybe more to the point, don’t want to, because it’s a helluva lotta work. That’s what led to first bartering (exchanging goods and services one can provide for those others can provide) and liberating one to focus on the things they enjoy doing more while outsourcing the things they dislike to others that, for whatever reason, enjoy or are willing to do.

And of course, once you have a good bartering system going and the number of people in your circle grows beyond a certain number (what was that magic number? 42? 50? 78?), one must have a way to track who owes whom what and do so in a way Joe can barter with Johnny and Johnny can barter with James and James can pay back Johnny by paying Johnny’s debt to Joe because Joe has something James wants and so on. That’s a lotta J’s to track, but you get my point…money facilitates not only bartering in a community, but opens multiple paths of exchanges of goods and services between a group of people while also mixing in a time factor (as in no longer need instant gratification – i.e. settlement of debts).

Anyway, point being, at the end of the day, I want to use my unique skills to better my personal comfort as well as my family’s. I am a provider and my family depends on what I can bring in and if I can earn more, I want to do it. If you take away my ability to “be better” whatever my own definition of that is as it pertains to income, you’re taking away my motivation to work to be better, which in turn takes away my desire to figure out other people’s problems, which in turn keeps society static (if not going backwards) because, well, why should I help my fellow humans with their unsolved problems if I don’t have that “feedback loop” which happens to be money/income?

Yeah, UBI is a bad idea, otherwise known as Communism, which is already historically proven not to work for the masses. Capitalism has its flaws, but given a choice, I choose capitalism every time because it frees me to pursue happiness in whatever form I feel I can achieve in a way I can both feel good about my achievements and sleep good at night. Plus, I can live by my own moral code in which I do not have to harm others (i.e. take from the rich to give to the poor as UBI, by definition does – or worse, just plain take as some do) to advance mine and my family’s sense of well-fare and security and peaceful existence.


A need for competitive modalities for you sir won’t be a real problem because you would not be satisfied with a basic income.




The video is not pro UBI. Sammeroff is a bright guy and it wouldn’t hurt to listen to him on the subject. He wrote a book on the subject which he offers for free on his website but I can not find the link.


Ah, then maybe I’ll consider a watch, but that book looks far more interesting to read, truth be told.


You can get the book free here.


Universal basic income would be basic - it means that a person will be able to earn more.

Providing universal basic income would help eliminate animal-like impulsiveness which causes problems with getting into a ‘long-term’ mode of thinking. There is nothing attractive in experiences of insecurity or?


But what did that person do to earn that Basic Income? That is the issue. You shouldn’t get an income if you are not providing value to the society/community that is providing you with that income. Your existence is not a value to the society or community in fact it is a detriment until one provides a value equal to ones existence. Then in order to be a positive to society they have to provide more value than they are using. Simple math really.


So would it mean that I would earn the same as someone as a less skilled job as me. I work on the motorway system and I’m pretty much risking my life every time I step out on the road. Why should I get the same as someone who has a much safer and easier job