Universal basic income


I believe UBI just gets added onto how much you already earn. The same amount for everyone.

Even if it didn’t, jobs wouldn’t offer income close to UBI as no one would take them.


Let’s consider E=mc2 equation – This implies, for instance, that 1 kilogram of matter is equivalent to an energy E = (1 kg)×(3×108 m/sec)2 = 9×1016 kg m2/sec2. Can you realise how much energy you actually have? The process of getting better and better in being aware of (for example) this fact provides a good value to the collective consciousness.

We are heading towards a reality where the information itself will be the main reference for an activity.


Yeah – but I would rather say that a revenue gets added to UBI. I would suggest that people should start getting UBI right from the beginning - exactly from the day a person is born.


yeah, if you earn 0 UBI gets added onto 0.

Though there’s no point someone getting payed from their birth. It should start at 18 or smth


Not bragging but I don’t need UBI. So surely that money is better spent on valuable resources?

Also wouldn’t companies take advantage of this and pay staff less knowing the government would just boost the wage anyway?


That’s exactly what happened in the restaurant business with servers and why tipping (in the U.S. is the messed-up norm) even though the business model of paying your staff fair market wages leads to better, happier employees who give better service than tip-subsidized staff.


We don’t feed the animals in parks because we don’t want to create dependency.

Welfare should be abolished?..


Hmm I think we need some welfare. Obviously those who just can’t work for a genuine disability need help. Also those who have been made redundant (but that’s why we in the uk pay National insurance)

There are people tho who can work but won’t work and it’s annoying they are better off than people who work. Those people need some sort of consequence to their actions.


But that’s exactly the problem. HOW do you decide WHO gets it an WHO doesn’t?

With any type of SELECTION process, there will always be break downs.

Get rid of it all and allow humanity to pick up the slack.


I don’t think we will see any change for the better for a long time especially with the left becoming more and more PC by the day


You say you don’t need UBI but You want to live a well balanced life where you can do more in a constructive and efficient way. I’m sure you feel great – However, I want to ensure you that people don’t know yet what a real balance means – Imagine everyone on the planet having a good life – It is a matter of 15 years considering current speed of technological advancement – this will be like a constant constructive coincidence in the process of collective cooperation. Exponential approach is a responsibility for everyone who wants to be a part of the wonderful bright future.

Relations between people define life standards — fractality of this principle negatively affects your unconsciousness when (for example) people in Yemen get problems because of a crisis. Is that makes any difference now when you are more conscious about that?

Your honorable approval of the idea would make an impact not only on your personal level - it will help create a consensus regarding a necessity of the UBI. We will be able to create a sophistication of information technologies which will provide UBI for everyone on the planet.


I can’t imagine a planet where everybody is having a good life, simply because humans don’t operate like that. It’s why we conquered the world.


Let’s keep everything and keep adding new things - diversification is good.


Survival of the fittest. If you can’t compete and survive on your own then you die. Go out in nature and see how animals and plants survive. Mother Earth is a dangerous and deadly place with zero compassion for the weak. It’s the law of the universe. The natural order of things. Evolution depends on being able to survive the harshest of environments. Humans are no different except we apply emotions to our actions.


Everyone should look up Andrew Yang 2020. Hes running for president with the idea for Universal Basic Income (aka the freedom dividend) and has laid out a plan to pay for such a thing as well.


And every election for the rest of our lives will be promises from politicians that we should increase the UBI.

Is working for a living really that painful?


This is one of the most challenging ideas - you can test your best abilities :smiley:


As a replacement for all other types of welfare, I’m not horribly opposed to UBI. And I would consider myself a libertarian.


I’m against universal basic income, but I’m all for creating value through independent methods (working for yourself). I understand that there are families that need help, and that times can become tough, but the entitlement factor needs to go. If you want a certain type of lifestyle, you have to work for it.

A lot of the “struggles” that people have are from their own bad decision making. If life becomes hard for you because you spent too much money or had kids without financially being able to care for them, you need to be prepared to to work insanely hard for your actions and not expect free passes.

Of course there are other factors including those with disabilities, things out of their control, and all sorts of other complications, but you get the point I’m trying to get across. Like Peter said, it might be best to get rid of it all together and come up with solutions that are aligned with our current developing societies.


That’s why I think we should think “locally” not nationally when it comes to self-interest.